Facts and Figures

In fiscal year 2016, Rady Children’s:Hospital Exterior small

More to Know:

  • Rady Children’s 59-bed Helen Bernardy Center is the only pediatric skilled nursing facility in California. In a home-like environment, medically fragile and developmentally disabled children receive round-the-clock care.
  • Rady Children’s Canine Care Program now has 40 volunteer dogs. Dogs and their handlers are on Rady Children’s campus five days a week throughout the year.
  • The Ronald McDonald House, adjacent to Rady Children’s, is available to families whose children are undergoing tests or treatment.
  • Patients at Rady Children’s use more than 3,200 crutches each year.
  • Each year, 68,000 intravenous (IV) lines are started at Rady Children’s.
  • Rady Children’s gives out more than 21,000 popsicles a year to patients.
  • Rady Children’s playrooms go through approximately 1,400 packs of crayons a year.
  • Rady Children’s uses nearly 5,000 pacifiers a year.
  • Rady Children’s gives out more than 133,000 Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and plain bandages.
  • Each day, Rady Children’s makes up to 20 specialized baby formulas for children with special nutritional needs.
  • Rady Children’s uses 1.2 million pounds of linen (sheets, pillowcases, towels) each year.
  • Rady Children’s uses about 625,000 diapers each year.
  • Rady Children’s uses about 116,000 oxisensors each year.
  • Rady Children’s uses about 10,200,000 exam gloves each year.
  • Rady Children’s has gowns to fit all sizes, from infants and children to teenagers.
  • A blood pressure cuff for a preemie’s tiny arm is about the size of an adult’s finger.