Daniel DiBardino, M.D.


3020 Children's Way
MC 5078
San Diego, CA 92123


Cardiovascular Surgery


Rady Children's Specialists of San Diego

Medical Group / IPA

Rady Children's Specialists

Medical School

Wayne State University School of Medicine


Baylor College of Medicine


Harvard Medical School


Harvard Medical School, University of Michigan Medical Center

Board Certifications

Congenital Heart Surgery, Surgery, Thoracic Surgery




Transition to practice in pediatric cardiac surgery: Preparation, execution, and balance.
Carrillo SA, DiBardino DJ

Importance of screening for coarctation of the aorta in pediatric patients.
Pinder M, Knudson JD, Rivard AL, Miller KH, DiBardino DJ, Salazar JD, Aggarwal A

Intermediate Results of Hybrid Versus Primary Norwood Operation.
DiBardino DJ, Gomez-Arostegui J, Kemp A, Raviendran R, Hegde S, Devaney EJ, Lamberti JJ, El-Said H

Recurrent neoaortic insufficiency after the switch back operation with previous repair of transposition with ventricular septal defect and aortic arch hypoplasia.
Brister KA, Shores JC, Salazar JD, DiBardino DJ, Wyatt-Ashmead J, Dodge-Khatami A

Current readings: long-term management of patients undergoing successful pediatric cardiac surgery.
DiBardino DJ, Jacobs JP

Long-term progression and survival following Norwood Single Ventricle Reconstruction.
DiBardino DJ

Further insight into a rare pathology: differential aspects of left ventricular diverticulum.
DiBardino DJ, Hegde S, Lamberti JJ

Anomalous aortic origin of the left coronary artery: in-hospital cardiac arrest and death despite bed rest.
Law W, DiBardino DJ, Raviendren R, Devaney E, Davis C

Porcine xenograft aortic root replacement in a three month old with severe truncal insufficiency.
Chancellor W, DiBardino DJ, Gupta B, Knudson JD, Eddine AC, Salazar JD

Chondrosarcoma presenting with pulmonary embolism in a 9-year-old girl: a case report.
Pinder MA, Dibardino DJ, Collier AB, Knudson JD

Transition from residency to "independent" congenital heart surgeon: a lifelong process, not a graduation day.
DiBardino DJ

Left ventricular diverticulum: how we do it.
DiBardino DJ, Charaf-Eddine A, Gaymes C, Sheth M, Rivard A, Salazar JD

Off-pump snare technique for congenital left atrial appendage aneurysm.
DiBardino DJ, Aggarwal A, Knudson JD

Osteosarcoma with cardiac metastasis in a 22-year-old man: a case report and review of cardiac tumors.
Pinder M, CharafEddine A, Parnell AS, DiBardino DJ, Knudson JD

Revitalization of the University of Mississippi Children's Heart Center: report card from the first 18 months.
DiBardino DJ, Lancaster WJ, Merrill W, Mitchell ME, Taylor E, Gaymes C, Ebeid M, Shores J, Christ E, Taylor M, Sheth M, Jonas RA, Salazar JD

Coordinated cardiac delivery: reducing mortality in high risk fetal cardiac lesions at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
DiBardino DJ, Shores JC, Sheth M, Taylor M, Liechty K, Salazar JD

Effect of sex and race on outcome in patients undergoing congenital heart surgery: an analysis of the society of thoracic surgeons congenital heart surgery database.
DiBardino DJ, Pasquali SK, Hirsch JC, Benjamin DK, Kleeman KC, Salazar JD, Jacobs ML, Mayer JE, Jacobs JP

A method of transcutaneously adjustable pulmonary artery banding for staged left ventricular retraining.
Dibardino DJ, Kleeman K, Bove EL

Continued controversy regarding adverse events after Amplatzer septal device closure: mass hysteria or tip of the iceberg?
DiBardino DJ, Mayer JE Jr

Transient bilateral blindness in a patient after cardiac surgery.
Tchantchaleishvili V, Dibardino DJ, Bolman RM 3rd

Is early antithrombotic therapy necessary in patients with bioprosthetic aortic valves in normal sinus rhythm?
ElBardissi AW, DiBardino DJ, Chen FY, Yamashita MH, Cohn LH

Esmark elastoplasty for bleeding ventricular assist device outflow graft associated with severe coagulopathy.
DiBardino DJ, Couper GS

Four decades of experience with mitral valve repair: analysis of differential indications, technical evolution, and long-term outcome.
DiBardino DJ, ElBardissi AW, McClure RS, Razo-Vasquez OA, Kelly NE, Cohn LH

Clarification of statements made regarding investigation into Amplatzer device complication incidence and comparison with the Society of Thoracic Surgery database.
Dibardino DJ

Long-term results of right ventricular outflow tract reconstruction in neonatal cardiac surgery: options and outcomes.
Kaza AK, Lim HG, Dibardino DJ, Bautista-Hernandez V, Robinson J, Allan C, Laussen P, Fynn-Thompson F, Bacha E, del Nido PJ, Mayer JE Jr, Pigula FA

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