Eric Devaney, M.D.


3020 Children's Way
MC 5078
San Diego, CA 92123


Cardiovascular Surgery


Rady Children's Specialists of San Diego

Medical Group / IPA

Rady Children's Specialists

Medical School

University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine


University of California-San Francisco


University of California-San Francisco, University of Michigan Medical Center


University of Michigan Medical Center

Board Certifications

Congenital Heart Surgery, Surgery, Thoracic Surgery




Dr. Eric Devaney is a pediatric cardiac surgeon and director of the Pediatric Cardiac Transplant Program at Rady Children's Hospital and UC San Diego, as well as an associate professor of surgery at UC San Diego.

After earning his medical degree at UC Los Angeles, Dr. Devaney completed an internship and a residency in surgery at UC San Francisco. He continued his medical training with another residency in thoracic surgery and a fellowship in pediatric cardiovascular surgery at University of Michigan.

Dr. Devaney's principal clinical interests are the surgical treatment of neonatal congenital heart disease and pediatric heart failure, though he also has a strong interest in basic science research. The Devaney laboratory at UC San Diego is currently analyzing the effects of genetic modification of cardiac motor proteins in normal and failing hearts. His lab is also generating induced pluripotent stem cells for cardiovascular studies and tissue engineering.

Dr. Devaney's Laboratory at UC San Diego


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