Top/Best Doctors

More than 190 Rady Children’s-affiliated physicians are recognized among the “top”/”best” doctors for 2013, based on surveys of their peers by San Diego Magazine and Best Doctors.

We congratulate these extraordinary physicians!

Reid Abrams, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Seema Aceves, M.D., Ph.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Suraj Achar, M.D. (SD Mag)

Joyce Adams, M.D. (Best Docs)

Behrooz Akbarnia, M.D. (Best Docs)

Michael Antos, M.D. (Best Docs)

John Arnold, M.D. (Best Docs)

Steven Balch, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Victoria Barrio, M.D. (Best Docs)

Bruce Barshop, M.D., PhD (Best Docs)

John Bastian, M.D. (Best Docs)

Nadine Benador, M.D. (Best Docs)

Michael Berent, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Lynne Bird, M.D. (Best Docs)

Eyla Boies, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

John Bokosky, M.D. (SD Mag)

Douglas Bolitho, M.D., PhD (SD Mag)

Michael Bouvet, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Kimberly Bower, M.D. (SD Mag)

William Bowman, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

John Bradley, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Abraham Broudy, M.D. (SD Mag)

William Bugbee, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Jane Burns, M.D. (Best Docs)

Dennis Butler, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Antoanella Calame, M.D. (SD Mag)

Stephen Carson, M.D. (SD Mag)

Bob Carter, M.D. (SD Mag)

Daniela Carvalho, M.D. (Best Docs)

Holly Casele, M.D. (Best Docs)

Janna Cataldo, M.D. (Best Docs)

Valerian Catanzarite, M.D. (Best Docs)

John Cella, M.D. (SD Mag)

Henry Chambers, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Rebecca Cherry, M.D. (Best Docs)

George Chiang, M.D. (Best Docs)

Nathaniel Chuang, M.D. (SD Mag)

Gary Chun, M.D. (Best Docs)

Richard Clark, M.D. (SD Mag)

Steven Cohen (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Stuart Cohen, M.D. (SD Mag)

Jack Copeland, M.D. (Best Docs)

Jessica Coullahan, M.D. (SD Mag)

Larry Cousins, M.D. (Best Docs)

Janet Crow, M.D. (Best Docs)

Bari Cunningham, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Violeta Curbelo, M.D. (SD Mag)

Sean Daneshmand, M.D. (SD Mag)

Rosalind Dockweiler, M.D. (Best Docs)

Ranjan Dohil, M.D. (Best Docs)

Christopher Dory, M.D. (SD Mag)

Susan Duthie, M.D. (Best Docs)

Whitney Edwards, M.D. (SD Mag)

Lawrence Eichenfield, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Edward Epstein, M.D. (Best Docs)

Timothy Fairbanks, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Katherine Feinstein, D.O. (SD Mag)

Ariel Feldstein, M.D. (Best Docs)

Erin Fisher, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Sherry Franklin, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Sheila Friedlander, M.D. (Best Docs)

Jaime Friedman, M.D. (SD Mag)

Brendan Gaylis, M.D. (Best Docs)

Bertha Gee-Lew, M.D. (SD Mag)

Shakha Gillin, M.D. (SD Mag)

Michael Goldbaum, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Henry Golembesky, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Michael Gottschalk, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

David Granet, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Richard Haas, M.D. (Best Docs)

James Hagood, M.D. (Best Docs)

Chris Heichel, M.D. (SD Mag)

Alan Hemming, M.D. (Best Docs)

Trevor Henderson, M.D. (SD Mag)

Ellen Heyneman, M.D. (SD Mag)

Mary Hilfiker, M.D. (Best Docs)

Jermy Hirst, M.D. (SD Mag)

Harold Hoffman, M.D. (Best Docs)

Ralph Holmes, M.D. (Best Docs)

Nicholas Holmes, M.D. (Best Docs)

Anthony Horner, M.D. (Best Docs)

Jeannie Huang, M.D. (Best Docs)

Sherry Huang, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Elizabeth Ingulli, M.D. (Best Docs)

Paul Ishimine, M.D. (SD Mag)

Michael Jacobson, M.D. (SD Mag)

Veronique James, M.D. (SD Mag)

Stuart Jamieson, M.D. (Best Docs)

Joseph Jankiewicz, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Kenneth Jones, M.D. (Best Docs)

Marilyn Jones, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

John Kafka, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

John Kanegaye, M.D. (SD Mag)

George Kaplan, M.D. (Best Docs)

Serge Kaska, M.D. (Best Docs)

Marilyn Kaufhold, M.D. (Best Docs)

Kathleen Kaya, M.D. (SD Mag)

Donald Kearns, M.D. (Best Docs)

Michael Keefe, M.D. (SD Mag)

Sandeep Khanna, M.D. (SD Mag)

Don Kikkawa, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Karen Klein, M.D. (Best Docs)

Karen Kling, M.D. (Best Docs)

Gail Knight, M.D. (SD Mag)

Bobby Korn, M.D. (SD Mag)

Leonard Kornreich, M.D. (SD Mag)

Keith Kortman, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Cynthia Kuelbs, M.D. (Best Docs)

John Lamberti, M.D. (Best Docs)

John Leake, M.D. (Best Docs)

Robert Leshner, M.D. (Best Docs)

Saul Levine, M.D. (Best Docs)

Denis Levy, M.D. (SD Mag)

Michael Levy, M.D. (Best Docs)

Nicholas Levy, M.D. (Best Docs)

Marshall Littman, M.D. (SD Mag)

Barry LoSasso, M.D. (SD Mag)

James Lyon, M.D. (SD Mag)

Ronald Macintyre, M.D. (SD Mag)

Michael Madani, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Anthony Magit, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Denise Malicki, M.D. (SD Mag)

Regina Mangine, M.D. (SD Mag)

Frank Mannino, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Michael Martin, M.D. (SD Mag)

Albert Martinez, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Eli Meltzer, M.D. (Best Docs)

Anna Mendenhall, M.D. (Best Docs)

Randall Metsch, M.D. (SD Mag)

Suzanne Mills, M.D. (SD Mag)

John Moore, M.D. (Best Docs)

Kenneth Morris, M.D. (SD Mag)

Dori Mortimer, M.D. (SD Mag)

Scott Mubarak, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Thomas Neglia, M.D. (Best Docs)

Mark Nespeca, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Robert Newbury, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Ron Newfield, M.D. (Best Docs)

Lars Newsome, M.D. (SD Mag)

Kimberly Newton, M.D. (Best Docs)

Peter Newton, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

James Ochi, M.D. (SD Mag)

Walter Olsen, M.D. (SD Mag)

Gregory Ostrow, M.D. (SD Mag)

Nancy Ostrom, M.D., (Best Docs)

Salvatore Pacella, M.D. (SD Mag)

Neeraj Panchal, M.D. (SD Mag)

Tari Park, M.D. (SD Mag)

Genevieve Parsons, M.D. (SD Mag)

Bradley Peterson, M.D., (Best Docs)

Mark Pian, M.D. (Best Docs)

Bretten Pickering, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Bruce Potenza, M.D. (SD Mag)

Seth Pransky, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Brent Rathbun, M.D. (SD Mag)

Vivian Reznik, M.D. (Best Docs)

Shira Robbins, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

William Roberts, M.D. (SD Mag)

Alexander Rodarte, M.D. (SD Mag)

Jeffrey Rowe, M.D. (SD Mag)

Stuart Rubenstein, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Nicholas Saenz, M.D. (Best Docs)

Gregory Sahagian, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Michelle Sahagian, M.D. (Best Docs)

Mark Sawyer, M.D. (Best Docs)

David Schmottlach, M.D. (SD Mag)

Charles Schuetz, M.D. (Best Docs)

Jeffrey Schwimmer, M.D. (Best Docs)

Melvin Senac, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Robert Sheets, M.D. (SD Mag)

Mamata Sivagnana, M.D. (Best Docs)

J Smart, M.D. (SD Mag)

Linda Smith, M.D. (SD Mag)

Stephen Spector, M.D. (Best Docs)

Clay Stanley, M.D. (SD Mag)

Lisa Stellwagen, M.D. (SD Mag)

Martin Stein, M.D. (Top Doc)Sharon Sternfeld, M.D. (Best Docs)

Ilona Szer, M.D. (Best Docs)

Kenneth Taylor, M.D. (SD Mag)

Lori Taylor, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Sharon Taylor, M.D. (Best Docs)

Charles Tesar, M.D. (Best Docs)

Neelesh Tipnis, M.D. (Best Docs)

Sajani Tipnis, M.D. (Best Docs)

Wynnis Tom, M.D. (Best Docs)

Christian Tomaszew, M.D. (SD Mag)

Doris A. Trauner, M.D. (Best Docs)

Myloan Vu, M.D. (SD Mag)

Douglas Wallace, M.D. (Best Docs)

Richard Walls, M.D. (Best Docs)

Lori Wan, M.D. (SD Mag)

Emily Wang, M.D. (SD Mag)

Robert Warner, M.D. (SD Mag)

Michael Welch, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Dennis Wenger, M.D. (Best Docs)

Lindia Willies-Jacobo, M.D. (Best Docs)

O. Wilson, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Christine Wood, M.D., (Best Docs)

H. Michael Worthen, M.D. (SD Mag, Best Docs)

Wendy Wright, M.D. (Best Docs)

Veda Wu, M.D. (SD Mag)

Andrew Zimmerman, M.D. (SD Mag)