Injury Surveillance Report to the Community

Safe Kids San Diego, in collaboration with the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Services, Division of Emergency Medical Services, has produced a comprehensive report on childhood unintentional injury in San Diego County. The report provides the most recent statistics and trends for unintentional injury in children ages 0-14 years and will drive the development of future prevention programs within the Safe Kids Coalition.

The report includes emergency department discharge data, hospitalization rates and death rates due to unintentional injuries. The County of San Diego, Public Health Services, Injury Surveillance System data only capture injuries among children who encounter the medical system through either the emergency department, hospital or medical examiner. Many non-life threatening injuries are treated at home or by urgent care centers and pediatricians. These injuries are not captured in the Injury Surveillance System, but represent an important piece of the unintentional injury equation.

Report to the Community