cohen-averyThe Plastic Surgery Program is internationally recognized for its expertise in treating complex craniofacial disorders, as well as functional problems with the jaw and airway.

We treat a wide range conditions, including cleft lip and palate, vascular lesions and craniosynostosis, a congenital defect that prevents normal skull and brain growth. Additionally, we perform plastic surgery for the ears and nose, reconstructive surgery following the removal of cancerous tumors and corrective surgery for sleep apnea.

Craniofacial surgeons work closely with vascular malformation and pediatric dermatology specialists, helping to ensure the best possible outcomes. To treat craniosynostosis, we use a minimally invasive endoscopic approach whenever possible, resulting, in some cases, in immediate correction of the deformity.

Program Achievements:

  • Our surgeons have invented a variety of new devices used in distraction procedures to correct facial and skull deformities in children. These devices have been used overseas and throughout the United States at institutions such as Johns Hopkins Medical Center, UCLA and Stanford.
  • Our team was the second group in the world to perform endoscopic craniosynostosis surgery, which has become an important option of care in patients with sagittal synostosis.
  • Steven Cohen, M.D., Chief of Craniofacial Surgical Services, is one of the most experienced specialists in the world with distraction of the midface using his invention, the Modular Internal Distraction System, as well as other current internal and external distraction devices.
  • Dr. Cohen and Ralph Holmes, M.D., Chief of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, are pioneers in the use of biodegradable devices in craniomaxillofacial surgery.

In the News

Video: Dr. Steven R. Cohen performs surgery on patient with rare condition