HomeCare Referrals

Successful HomeCare referrals require pre-planning and adequate time to process the request. While we try to accept all referrals, there may be contract or staffing issues that affect our ability to do so. Please remember that it is very difficult for a family to learn new skills or understand HomeCare instructions late in the evening. The earlier the planning occurs, the more successful the discharge will be. New TPN referrals require 24 hours after the receipt of the TPN orders until the patient may be discharged.

Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Call our HomeCare RN Coordinator at 858-966-4941 with the patient’s name, location, need and proposed discharge. We will determine if HomeCare is a contracted provider and confirm the patient’s insurance eligibility.
  • If HomeCare can provide care, the RN coordinator will contact you to discuss plan of care. If you do not hear back from the RN Coordinator within an hour, please re-contact the HomeCare office at 858-966-4941 and request to speak to a person.

Weekends and Holidays  5 p.m.-8:30 a.m.

  1. Unit staff call Hospital operator at 858-576-1700 to contact RN on call. The on-call RN will require the following information:
    • Patient’s name, location, date of birth and insurance information, including the name of the medical group
    • Proposed HomeCare orders and DC date/time.
  2. The on-call RN verifies HomeCare’s ability to accept patient with the HomeCare Administrator and HomeCare pharmacy.
  3. Upon verification that HomeCare can accept the patient, referral please fax the following information: [download fax cover sheet]
    • Family is aware of home health visit and agrees to possible financial responsibility without verification of benefits or authorization
    • Ordering and attending M.D.s
    • Verification of address and phone number/location of visit (if different from home address)
    • Physicians order for home health (specific care/meds required)
    • History and physical/delivery record/progress notes
    • Special language requirements
    • If you are requesting medications, procedures, wound care, etc., we must have a copy of the discharge orders to provide care.