ENTWe provide the following services to assess and treat a wide range of ear, nose and throat conditions:

Diagnostic Services

Surgical Services

  • Reconstructive surgery for hearing, including tympanoplasties, ossicular chain reconstruction, bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA), and cochlear implants
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Surgery for nasal obstruction including septoplasty and turbinate reduction
  • Operative endoscopy (laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy) for airway assessment and treatment.
  • Laser surgery for airway problems, such as respiratory papillomatosis
  • Endoscopic and open surgery for airway reconstruction
  • Treatment of congenital facial and neck masses including lymphatic malformation, dermoid, branchial cleft cysts, thyroglossal duct cysts
  • Partial or total thyroidectomy as a treatment for goiter or thyroid malignancy
  • Excision of salivary glands in cases of malignancy or drooling
  • Management of chronic drooling
  • Sleep apnea surgery including sleep endoscopy, tongue base reduction
  • Pediatric facial plastic surgeries including removal of accessory ear skin tags, otoplasty, and functional rhinoplasty
  • Routine procedures, such as tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and myringotomy and tube placement