Gross Motor Skill Milestones for Infants

0–3 Months

  • Lifts head when on tummy
  • Holds head in middle in supported sitting
  • Kicks feet when on back
  • Brings hands and fingers to mouth
  • May take some body weight on legs when supported in standing

3–6 Months

  • Pushes up on arms when on tummy
  • Plays with feet and brings feet to mouth when on back
  • Begins to roll over
  • Begins to sit with support
  • May rock back and forth on hands and knees

6–9 Months

  • Rolls easily, using rotation
  • Sits and plays with toys
  • Begins to crawl on hands and knees
  • Moves from lying down to sitting up
  • Begins to pull to stand on furniture

9–12 Months

  • Pivots in sitting to reach a toy behind
  • Moves from standing holding on to sitting without falling
  • Cruises or walks sideways along furniture
  • May stand without support
  • May take steps without support

12–15 Months

  • Sits in a wide variety of positions when on the floor
  • Sustained standing without support
  • Independent walking
  • Stoops to pick up a toy and returns to stand
  • Begins to play while squatting

15–18 Months

  • Carries or pushes a toy when walking
  • Creeps down steps on hands and knees
  • Climbs up steps using the railing
  • Takes a few backward or sideways steps
  • Begins to run, but not well-coordinated