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The Rady3 24_FINAL_RADY_GENOMIC_LOGOS-01 Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine, under the direction of Stephen Kingsmore, M.D., D.Sc., will be a groundbreaking facility, bringing together the talent, technology and resources to transform the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases.

The Institute seeks to:

  • Translate research findings into new clinical tests and treatments to improve patient outcomes.
  • Enhance the knowledge in this field among current and future healthcare providers.
  • Generate and share data and discoveries with other researchers.

Our Vision


Genomic sequencing identified the cause of Savannah’s seizures. Read her remarkable story.

The Institute will bring together world-class scientists and clinicians into a shared research infrastructure, one that will enable them to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into prevention, diagnosis, treatment and ultimately cures for childhood diseases.

The Institute will serve as a center of excellence for organizing the resources necessary to effectively translate the discoveries of genetic and genomic research from “bench to bedside.” It will work closely with UC San Diego and establish relationships with other academic and research institutions, companies involved in genomics research and other children’s hospitals to advance the mission of the Institute.

The Institute will develop an integrated approach to personalized medicine that will include epigenomics (how environmental factors contribute to disease), metabolomics (how substances involved in metabolism influence disease) and proteomics (how proteins are linked to disease). This research will provide us with a comprehensive view of a child’s health status and risk factors for disease.

Thanks to generous support from Ernest Rady and the Rady family, and a commitment of additional support from the Hospital, we are on our way to realizing this vision.

Genomic sequencing has begun on critically ill infants with unknown conditions in the neonatal intensive care and pediatric intensive care units, where it is most urgently needed.

The Genomics Institute is recruiting. Click here for open positions.

In the News

For more information on our plans and funding needs for the Institute, click here or contact Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation at 858-966-5950. 

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