Adam Lambert’s Feel Something Foundation Launches Fundraiser with San Diego’s Center for Gender-Affirming Care




Adam Lambert is joining forces with the Center for Gender-Affirming Care, based in his hometown of San Diego, to raise funds towards its mission to provide comprehensive, compassionate, evidence-based care and support to transgender and non-binary youth and their families. Part of Rady Children’s Hospital, the center creates a safe medical home for young people to have all aspects of their care addressed, in a space that understands how gender dysphoria impacts one’s feeling of safety and comfort in a medical environment. 

Donations can be made here and go directly to the center to support the following:

  • Pubertal suppression
  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy
  • Referrals to reproductive health specialists
  • Referrals to surgical specialists
  • Referrals to other relevant specialists (dermatology, hematology)
  • Assistance with legal name change
  • Resources for transgender youth and their families
  • Ongoing mental health support through the clinic
  • Voice therapy and coaching at Rady Children’s Hospital
  • Social support through community events and groups
  • Ongoing education for the community, medical and mental health providers

Transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming youth are frequently discriminated against and may not get support and understanding from peers, friends and family. Finding care providers that are knowledgeable and familiar with treatment options can be challenging as well. Your donation to the center can help change that for children today and for generations to come.

The family of a patient at the center said: “Gender-affirming care allows our son to thrive and be his confident, authentic self. We are so grateful to organizations like the Feel Something Foundation, who are truly saving young lives through their generous contributions to Rady Children’s Center for Gender-Affirming Care.”

Having spoken with patients and staff at the center, Adam said: 

“I’m so inspired by the work the staff at Rady Children’s Center for Gender-Affirming Care are doing for these young people and their families. We need more centers like this across the globe and further education on trans-health care within medical teaching. We’re in a new era with this conversation and a lot of young people are finding their true identity much earlier now; it’s beautiful to see these young people loving their identity and being their amazing selves. I’m so proud they’re from my hometown and I’m so glad the Feel Something Foundation can help to support the continued success of the center.”

Patients at the center spoke to Adam on topics such as: growing up in Southern California as a transgender or non-binary person, common misconceptions about gender dysphoria, their personal gender journeys, the life-changing care and support they have received from the center and why it’s important to raise funds for gender-affirming health care for youth. Watch the discussion here. 

Staff at the center discussed the types of care given to young people at the center, the importance of educating the wider community and their practices in trans healthcare to ensure access, the emphasis placed on a family-inclusive approach to care and the center’s all-encompassing support systems from social to medical. Watch the conversation here. 



Asia Bell [she/her/hers] – Asia is a 14-year-old transgender girl. She’s a freshman at University City High School and loves make-up, fashion and Nicki Minaj.

Apollo Britton [he/him/his] – Apollo is an 18-year-old who describes himself as ‘trans masc.’ He is an artist and musician.

Skylar Jackson [she/her/hers] – Skylar is 17 years old and lives in Temecula, California, where she is a senior at Temecula Valley High School. She is in a few bands as a bass player, guitarist and singer, and is on her way to recording her first studio record with her band F.N.G. Skylar hopes to one day use her music career to further fund her transition. 

Savion Morgan Cooper [they/them/theirs] – Born and raised in San Diego, 19-year-old Savion is a local activist who focuses on creating space for LGBTQ+ folks. They work heavily with other organisations such as Gender Phluid Collective and San Diego Pride and have a goal to achieve a bachelor’s degree in computer science and utilize it for marginalized communities. 


Bixby Marino-Kibbee [they/them/theirs] | Director – Bixby is a queer, non-binary trans person and a licensed clinical social worker. At Rady Children’s Hospital’s Center for Gender-Affirming Care, Bixby has worked to expand services including the opening of a new multidisciplinary clinic, providing a continuum of care for trans and non-binary youth and young adults, and implementing a gender-affirming training program across the health care system. Bixby’s areas of clinical interests include reducing health disparities and ensuring that all transgender and non-binary people have access to health care that is safe and affirming, regardless of geographic location and/or financial resources.

David Inwards-Breland, MD [he/him/his], Co-Medical DirectorDr. Inwards-Breland is chief of the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine and co-director of the Center for Gender Affirming-Care. He also is a clinical professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine. His research interests include adolescent male health, depression, transgender youth and disenfranchised youth. He currently sits on the American Board of Paediatrics sub-board on adolescent medicine.


The Feel Something Foundation (FSF), launched late 2019 by Adam Lambert, is a non-profit organisation in support of LGBTQ+ human rights. Aiming to ensure support is given to the myriad of issues that continue to disproportionately affect the LGBTQ+ community, the foundation assists those charities that are moving the needle for communities of all ages and backgrounds. These are organisations that have a mission or project directly focussed on impacting the LGBTQ+ community in areas of Education & the Arts; Homelessness; Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. Since being founded late last year, Adam’s Feel Something Foundation has put on a whole host of initiatives to both raise money for LGBTQ+ charities and to raise awareness of continuing social issues within the community. Initiatives have included: multiple auctions of Adam’s most iconic stage looks, in collaboration with eBay for Charity and GLAAD – which raised over $80,000; a music creatives roundtable for LGBTQ+ industry creatives to discuss their experiences and how the industry can move forward, positively; donations to the LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund; a Wishio campaign offering fans the chance to win a lunch with Adam in LA, with entry donations totalling over £20,000; a continuing relationship with Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust with events in London. 


The Center for Gender-Affirming Care treats children, adolescents and young adults with gender dysphoria and other related health care needs under the strong belief that all children deserve to have a medical home at Rady Children’s Hospital. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition in which there is deep emotional distress; this results when one’s assigned gender at birth and gender identity do not match. Being transgender, nonbinary or gender non-conforming is not a mental health problem. However, some transgender individuals have co-existing conditions, such as anxiety or depression. Transgender, nonbinary and gender non-conforming youth are frequently discriminated against and may not get support and understanding from peers, friends and family. Finding care providers that are knowledgeable and familiar with treatment can also be challenging. The center’s mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, evidence-based care and support to transgender and nonbinary youth and their families. We utilize a multidisciplinary, family systems approach, bringing together mental health professionals, endocrinology and adolescent medicine to provide comprehensive care. While our treatment of gender dysphoria is based on the current guidelines from the Endocrine Society and World Professional Association of Transgender Health, care is always individualized to best meet the specific needs of each patient.

You can stay up to date on the fundraising campaign on Adam’s (@adamlambert) Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and on his foundation’s (@FeelSomethingFoundation) Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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