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University of Geneva, Switzerland

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Nephrology, Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatrics




Dr. Nadine Benador is a pediatric nephrologist at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and a clinical professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego School of Medicine. She is director of Rady Children's pediatric dialysis and apheresis programs.

After earning her medical degree from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, she completed her residency in Switzerland, trained as a neonatal fellow in Vancouver, BC, and completed a pediatric nephrology fellowship in San Diego. She joined the faculty at UC San Diego in 2000.

Dr. Benador provides both general inpatient and outpatient nephrology care and teaches medical students, residents, fellows and nurses. She is a clinical expert in pediatric dialysis, in neonates to young adults, as well as pediatric apheresis, including stem cell collection, therapeutic plasma exchange and other apheresis therapies. She prides herself on providing personalized care.

She is actively involved in projects to improve treatments for children with chronic kidney disease and has been participating in several multicenter pharmaceutical trials. She is the central principal investigator for ongoing clinical studies.

Outside of work, Dr. Benador enjoys spending time with her husband and children, playing the piano, cooking French cuisine and reading.


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