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Dr. Robert Mak is chief of the Pediatric Nephrology Division at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and a tenured professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego.

He completed a pediatric residency and pediatric nephrology fellowship at Guy's Hospital Medical School. He also received his PhD in pediatric nephrology at University of London before enrolling in postdoctoral research training at Yale University and Heidelberg University. He was a faculty member at Stanford University, University of Southern California and Oregon Health and Science University before joining UC San Diego.

Dr. Mak has served as council representing the United States and chair of the global education committee for the International Pediatric Nephrology Association. He participated in several study sections at the National Institute of Health. He co-founded and served as president of the Western Society of Pediatric Nephrology. He is also on the editorial board for several medical journals, including Nature Reviews Nephrology, World Journal of Pediatrics, World Journal of Nephrology and World Journal of Hypertension.

His research interests include energy homeostasis, bone-mineral and cardiovascular complications as well as mechanisms of progression in chronic kidney disease. His laboratory is studying the molecular mechanism of cachexia associated with chronic kidney disease using rodent models. He has served on and chaired committees for a wide variety of research projects and clinical trials. He has also trained many postdoctoral fellows who in the past three years have won several regional and national scientific research awards from societies such as the Western Society of Pediatric Nephrology, American Society of Pediatric Nephrology and the Pediatric Academic Societies of the United States.


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