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Inspirational women in surgery-Professor Barbara Barlow: A trailblazer in pediatric injury prevention.
West E, Ignacio RC, Bickler SW

Routine Pediatric Surgical Emergencies: Incidence, Morbidity, and Mortality During the 1st 8000 Days of Life-A Narrative Review.
Abbas A, Laverde R, Yap A, Stephens CQ, Samad L, Seyi-Olajide JO, Ameh EA, Ozgediz D, Lakhoo K, Bickler SW, Meara JG, Bundy D, Jamison DT, Klazura G, Sykes A, Philipo GS, GICS

Surgically Correctable Congenital Anomalies: Reducing Morbidity and Mortality in the First 8000 Days of Life.
Banu T, Sharma S, Chowdhury TK, Aziz TT, Martin B, Seyi-Olajide JO, Ameh E, Ozgediz D, Lakhoo K, Bickler SW, Meara JG, Bundy D, Jamison DT, Klazura G, Sykes A, Yap A, Philipo GS, GICS

Evaluating pediatric car safety compliance in motor vehicle collisions: Identifying high-risk groups for improper restraint usage.
Ghetti CB, Rooney AS, de Cos V, Henry OS, Sykes AG, Krzyzaniak A, Bansal V, Sise M, Bickler SW, Keller B, Ignacio RC

Elemental, fatty acid, and protein composition of appendicoliths.
Prieto JM, Wang AW, Halbach J, Cauvi DM, Day JMD, Gembicky M, Ghassemian M, Quehenberger O, Kling K, Ignacio R, DeMaio A, Bickler SW

Prevalence and Severity of Burn Scars in Rural Mozambique.
Barba P, Neubauer DC, Cossa M, Sieker J, Hornacek MW, Lance SH, Ewing E, Tsai C, Funzamo C, Amado V, Adamo F, Rose J, Bendix P, Vaz F, Noormahomed E, Bickler SW, Gosman A

Integrating traffic safety data with area deprivation index: A method to better understand the causes of pediatric pedestrian versus automobile collisions.
de Cos V, Rooney AS, Sykes AG, Ghetti CB, Henry OS, Krzyzaniak A, Thangarajah H, Bickler SW, Bansal V, Martin M, Lazar D, Ignacio RC Jr

Estimates of Treatable Deaths Within the First 20 Years of Life from Scaling Up Surgical Care at First-Level Hospitals in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.
Sykes AG, Seyi-Olajide J, Ameh EA, Ozgediz D, Abbas A, Abib S, Ademuyiwa A, Ali A, Aziz TT, Chowdhury TK, Abdelhafeez H, Ignacio RC, Keller B, Klazura G, Kling K, Martin B, Philipo GS, Thangarajah H, Yap A, Meara JG, Bundy DAP, Jamison DT, Mock CN, Bickler SW, On behalf of the Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery

Defining Surgical Workforce Density Targets to Meet Child and Neonatal Mortality Rate Targets in the Age of the Sustainable Development Goals: A Global Cross-Sectional Study.
Truche P, Smith ER, Ademuyiwa A, Buda A, Nabukenya MT, Kaseje N, Ameh EA, Greenberg S, Evans F, Bickler S, Meara JG, Rice HE

Fostering Sustainable Biomedical Research Training in Mozambique: A Spin-Off of the Medical Education Partnership Initiative.
Noormahomed EV, Noormahomed S, Hlashwayo D, Martins E, Ismail M, Bickler SW, Nachega J, Mahoche M, Barrett KE, Benson CA, Schooley RT

Laparoscopic Surgery Requiring Abdominal Insufflation in Patients With Congenital Heart Disease.
Herrick NL, Bickler S, Maus T, Kim YY, Aboulhosn JA, Nigro J, El-Said H, Bhatt AB, Alshawabkeh L

Challenges in Oncologic Preparedness: A Retrospective Review of Incident Surgical Cancers During Pacific Partnership Missions, 2008-2016.
Reichl A, Schutt R, Walsh J, Prieto J, Sykes AG, Bickler S, Ignacio R

Just Stick a Scope in: Laparoscopic Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Placement in the Pediatric Reoperative Abdomen.
Sykes AG, Sisson WB, Gonda DD, Kling KM, Ignacio RC, Thangarajah H, Bickler SW, Levy ML, Lazar DA

Trends in Surgical Case Volume During Pacific Partnership Missions Onboard USNS Mercy.
Sykes AG, Brill JB, Wallace JD, Lee C, Lewis PR, Henry MC, Christman MS, Casey KM, Bickler SW, Ignacio RC

Potentially Avertable Child Mortality Associated with Surgical Workforce Scale-up in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Global Study.
Truche P, Botelho F, Bowder AN, Levis AW, Greenberg SLM, Smith E, Corlew S, Bickler S, Rice HE, Ameh EA, Meara JG, Poenaru D, Mooney DP, Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery

Extremes of age are associated with differences in the expression of selected pattern recognition receptor genes and ACE2, the receptor for SARS-CoV-2: implications for the epidemiology of COVID-19 disease.
Bickler SW, Cauvi DM, Fisch KM, Prieto JM, Sykes AG, Thangarajah H, Lazar DA, Ignacio RC, Gerstmann DR, Ryan AF, Bickler PE, De Maio A

Assessment of Surgical Care Provided in National Health Services Hospitals in Mozambique: The Importance of Subnational Metrics in Global Surgery.
Cossa M, Rose J, Berndtson AE, Noormahomed E, Bickler SW

Inclusion of Children's Surgery in National Surgical Plans and Child Health Programmes: the need and roadmap from Global Initiative for Children's Surgery.
Seyi-Olajide JO, Anderson JE, Kaseje N, Ozgediz D, Gathuya Z, Poenaru D, Johnson W, Bickler SW, Farmer DL, Lakhoo K, Oldham K, Ameh EA, Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery

Patience is a virtue: Multiple preoperative visits are associated with decreased recurrence in pediatric pilonidal disease.
Prieto JM, Thangarajah H, Ignacio RC, Bickler SW, Kling KM, Saenz NC, Garcia SV, Lazar DA

Design and Implementation of Postgraduate Programs in Health in a Resource-Limited Setting in Mozambique (The Lúrio University).
Noormahomed EV, Mandane A, Cuambe A, Rodrigues MA, Noormahomed S, Carrilho C, Mocumbi AO, Ali M, Vintuar P, Ismail M, Guilundo C, Bickler S, Benson CA, Ferrão JL, Schooley RT

Regulation of the Nfkbiz Gene and Its Protein Product IkBζ in Animal Models of Sepsis and Endotoxic Shock.
Casas A Jr, Hawisher D, De Guzman CB, Bickler SW, De Maio A, Cauvi DM

Ovarian volume ratio is a reliable predictor of ovarian torsion in girls without an adnexal mass.
Hartman SJ, Prieto JM, Naheedy JH, Ignacio RC, Bickler SW, Kling KM, Saenz NC, Fairbanks TJ, Lazar DA

An Analysis of Essential Pediatric Surgical Cases Encountered During a Decade of Large-Scale Military Humanitarian Aid Missions.
Gaidry AD, Lizardo RE, Prieto JM, Brill JB, Hernandez AA, Moore HN, Henry MC, Ricca RL Jr, Thangarajah H, Bickler SW, Ignacio RC

Differential expression of nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins from urban and rural populations in Morocco.
Bickler SW, Prieto JM, Cauvi DM, De Cos V, Nasamran C, Ameh E, Amin S, Nicholson S, Din H, Mocumbi AO, Noormahomed EV, Tellez-Isaias G, Fisch KM, De Maio A

Patient-oriented online resources in pediatric surgery: Are we failing the readability test?
Prieto JM, West-Santos C, Montgomery AS, Patwardhan U, Lazar DA, Thangarajah H, Bickler SW, Huang EY, Fairbanks TJ, Ignacio RC

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