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Dr. Suhas Radhakrishna is a pediatric rheumatologist. He cares for children with a variety of conditions caused by an overactive immune system. These conditions, called autoimmune diseases, include juvenile arthritis, lupus and vasculitis.

Prior to joining Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego in October 2014, Dr. Radhakrishna worked at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. He trained at Children's Hospital Los Angeles in pediatrics and pediatric rheumatology and attended Harvard Medical School and Harvard College.

Dr. Radhakrishna's goal is to help children and their families succeed in every way possible. He provides his patients with the information they need to make the best possible decisions. His philosophy of care is that when regular medications are necessary, it is important to treat early and decisively, with the goal of gaining complete control over the disease (disease remission). At the same time, he believes in tapering off medications as soon as it can be done safely. Dr. Radhakrishna also encourages patients and their families to eat well, be physically active, get enough sleep, manage stress, and find healthy ways of expressing emotions.

Along with focusing on providing excellent patient care, Dr. Radhakrishna is involved in clinical research, family support groups and camps, and teaching future physicians. When not seeing patients, he is busy with two young children and enjoys tennis, painting and other activities when time permits.


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