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Dr. William Roberts is the chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology in the UC San Diego Department of Pediatrics and the medical director of the Peckham Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego. He is also vice president and medical director of the Rady Children's Specialists San Diego (RCSSD) medical group and a clinical professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego School of Medicine.

Dr. Roberts serves as the principal investigator for the UC San Diego/Rady Children's Children's Oncology Group Program and the Neuroblastoma & Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium. He started the UC San Diego/Rady Children's Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program and served as the fellowship program director from 2007 to 2015.

Additionally, Dr. Roberts is a member of the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center and serves as the Pediatric Disease Team chairperson, is a member of the Rady Children's Medical Staff Executive Committee, and is the chairperson of the Hematology/Oncology Morbidity & Mortality Committee. He serves on the Children's Specialists of San Diego Board of Directors and Executive Board of Directors, as well as the RCSSD Medical Practice Foundation Board of Governance Committee.

Dr. Roberts is also working with the Twinning Program of Rady Children's and the General Hospital of Tijuana, Mexico, in developing the Pediatric Oncology Program at the General Hospital.

In 2015, he received Rady Children's Excellence in Clinical Care Award. Dr. Roberts has worked at Rady Children's since 1992.


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