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Candy Experiments

Want to be a candy scientist? Try these experiments to unwrap the secrets lurking inside sticky, sweet, and colorful treats. These are perfect for science fair projects, but be sure to get adult help when the experiment uses the microwave. Melted candy is hot!

Chocolate Bloom

Something strange happens when chocolate melts and hardens again — Chocolate Bloom. Discover what’s in your chocolate bar as one of the ingredients reveals itself.

candy experiments: chocolate bloom

Acid Test

Sour stuff often contains acid. Test different sour candies to see if they pass the Acid Test.

candy experiments: acid test

Color Separation

You know there are artificial colors in your candy, but how do they make something brown or purple? Just like you do when you mix paints in art class. Try Color Separation to extract the different dyes in candy.

candy experiments: color sep

Density Rainbow

Here’s another chance to explore the colors of candy. In this experiment, you’ll dye water using different colored Skittles. Then, thanks to something called “density,” you can create a liquid Density Rainbow!

candy experiments: density rainbow

Lifesaver Lights

Crunch, crunch, crunch. You’re chewing the candy in your mouth, but did you know that you also might be breaking down its chemical bonds? Find out how Lifesaver Lights make sparks fly!

candy experiments: lifesaver

Sink or Float?

If you had to build a candy boat, would you choose a Hershey’s Kiss or 3 Musketeers bar? Find out if they Sink or Float.

candy experiments: sink or float

Oil Test

Some chewy candy contains oil. How can you find out? Melt a Starburst and do the Oil Test.

candy experiments: oil test

Floating Letters

Some candies wear their initials. Think of Skittles and, of course, M&Ms. Those letters are made of edible ink. Try Floating Letters to see how to remove them from the candy.

candy experiments: sink or float

Sticky Stuff

Glue is sticky and so is candy, but what makes something sticky? Find out how sticky works and test various candies to see which one is the real Sticky Stuff.

candy experiments: sticky stuff

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