It's garlic! Picture of garlic. What is it?

Garlic is used to season food. It’s in the same plant family as onions. A head of garlic is actually a bulb that grows underground. You buy a head of garlic, which can be separated into cloves.

Why should you care?

Garlic has a big, big taste and flavors a lot of wonderful food, including Italian, Indian, and Chinese food. Some research has shown that garlic might help keep people healthy by preventing cancer. It’s unclear why this is, so more studies are being done.

How do you eat garlic?

A few brave souls might eat raw garlic, but usually it’s cooked. Garlic can be chopped up and sauteed with meat or vegetables. It also can be added to soups and other dishes, such as spaghetti sauce. Here’s a great way to try garlic: Have your mom or dad roast a few cloves in the oven. When it’s cool, you can squeeze out the soft insides on a piece of bread. You can spread it like butter.

Anything weird about garlic?

Some people love garlic. They love it so much, they have garlic festivals. You’ll find garlic festivals in the United States and in Europe. If you ever go to one, you can try garlic jelly, garlic chocolate, garlic popcorn, or deep-fried garlic pickles!