It's a red onion! Picture of red onions. What is it?

A red onion. We gave you an up-close view of a slice. The whole thing looks like this.

Why should you care?

Onions are flavor kings. Some are sweeter than others and they come in three colors: yellow, red, and white. They’re also good for you and contain fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, and other nutrients.

How do you eat onions?

All can be eaten raw or cooked. Have you ever had onion rings, French onion soup, or onions cooked on the grill? Mmmmmm!

Anything weird about onions?

Weird, but promising. A Texas Tech University professor has engineered a new variety of onion that she hopes will help fight cancer. This onion, called the Lady Raider Onion, contains even more quercetin than regular onions. What’s quercetin? It’s a substance that can help fight disease and keep a person healthy.