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Think you have all the health answers? Here are 15 questions that test your knowledge. The answers can all be found somewhere on the KidsHealth site.

As you work your way through the questions, be sure you write down your answers and where you found them. Once you think you’ve found them all, go to the Answer Sheet to see how you scored. There, you’ll also find links to the articles containing the answers.

  1. What is it called when your body doesn’t have enough water?
  2. What are some ways to cure homesickness?
  3. How many colored sections are there in the USDA’s MyPlate?
  4. Where is the thyroid located?
  5. How many chambers does the heart have?
  6. What four things should you do if you come across a gun?
  7. What’s it called when brothers and sisters compete?
  8. What’s the best way to prevent pinworm?
  9. How many bones does an adult have?
  10. Bedwetting is called something else by doctors. What’s it called?
  11. These little pieces of string patch skin together. What are they?
  12. It’s common for kids to get up to this number of colds per year.
  13. During which hours should you avoid the sun so you don’t get burned?
  14. What part of your brain processes memory?
  15. In general, how much sleep do kids between ages 5 and 12 get every night?