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I Tell My Aunt More Than I Tell My Parents. Is That a Problem?

Is it a problem that I am closer to my aunt than my parents? I can tell her everything, but I find myself not being able to tell my parents anything. I can really trust her and I see that she has my back.

Everyone needs an adult in their life they can trust and confide in. Sometimes it’s a parent — but it doesn’t always have to be. Even people who are close to their parents benefit from having other caring adults in their lives. Lucky you to have an aunt who is always there for you!

It can be a natural part of growing up to confide in parents less than you once did. Or maybe you never had that type of relationship with your parents.

Feeling more comfortable talking to your aunt might be a matter of personality. Or maybe the fact that she isn’t your parent makes it easier to talk to her. But whatever the reason, it’s perfectly OK — in fact, it’s a positive thing — to have an adult you are close to.

Try not to leave your parents out altogether. Share what you can with them about your life and your feelings. There may come a time you will feel closer to your parents. For now, if there are things that you need and want to talk to your parents about, ask your aunt for help or suggestions about how to approach them.

Keep your relationship with your aunt strong by staying in touch, even when there’s nothing special you need to talk over with her. Do things together. Have fun. Talk. Find ways to let her know you value having her in your life. She’s probably happy to have you in her life, too!

Reviewed by: D’Arcy Lyness, PhD
Date reviewed: March 2014