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Kids Talk About Valentine’s Day (A-J)

The following list of Valentine comments includes kids whose names start with A-J. To move to different letters, click “Next Page” or use the links at the bottom of the page.


Austin, 12, likes and loves Whitney. “We were going out for 6 months and I broke up with her because she liked my best friend. Now, I’m still crazy about her, but she don’t care.”

Anonymous, 12, likes Thomas. “I used to dislike him, but now I totally changed my mind!”

Alishaa, 12, likes Rashaad because he’s funny, cute, and is doing well in school. She loves her little sister, Tinaye. “She looks a lot like me.”

Amanda, 14, loves Mark. “He’s a sweet, adventurous country boy.” She is his friend, sends him cards, and prays for him.

Anonymous, 9, likes David. She says hi to him.

Ace, 12, likes Mary Grace.

Aaron, 13, like Jennifer because she’s cute and funny. She looks at her a lot.

Anmol, 12, likes Gobind. “He is very helpful, intellectual, and just himself!” She loves Gaurav, who is adorable and smart.

Allan, 10, likes Mary Grace. “I pay attention to her.”

Andrea, 12, likes and loves Angel because he’s cute.

Alpha, 11, likes Nicole. “She has a great personality.”

Amy, 4, likes Janaha and Ian.

Aby, 10, likes Brandon because he’s cute, funny, strong, athletic, smart, and “everything you would like, even a good personality.”

Aden, 10, likes Demitris and loves Austin. “He makes me smile.”

Ali, 11, likes and loves Justin. “He likes his family and I like mine. We have so much in common.”

Andy, 11, likes Sarah.

Anna, 15, likes and loves Sammy. “He is very sweet and he is my boyfriend.”

Alex, 11, likes Edgar, his best friend “because he is so cool.” He loves Tania because she’s cute.

Antones, 13, likes and loves Samantha. “She is there for me and is so cute.”

Ashley, 13, likes and loves James because he’s cute.

Ashley, 13, likes Desmond and loves L.C. “He’s my boyfriend.”

Anonymous, 11, likes Brandon. “He used to tease me, but I think he is soooooooooo cute.”

Ami, 12, likes Togger, a character on the BBC TV series “Grange Hill.”

Ashley, 12, likes Gonzalo and loves Ross. “He listens to me.”

Antones, 13, likes and loves Samantha. “She is cute and has a lot of my interests.”

Amanda, 10, likes Jamin.

Anahi, 14, likes Mario. “He is very sweet and very cute and very nice. When I need help, he is always there for me.”

Anonymous, 12, likes Daniel. “He’s fit and funny and nice 2 me.”

Andy likes and loves Cele.

Alex, 10, likes Bianca. “She is very pretty and she takes my breath away when I see her.”

Amanda, 11, likes Hunter. “We like the same things and when I’m around him, I always end up feeling happy even if before I felt really sad.”

Amie, 8, says “I have a crush on a boy but I am embarrased to say his name… but I like him a lot for who he is.”

Alex, 8, likes Mikie. She also likes Gemma, her stepsister.

Ashley, 12, likes Bruno and Flavio. “They are brothers.”

Angie, 12, likes her friend Leah. She loves John because he’s cute.

Ashley, 13, likes Eli because of him personality and “how he treats me.”

A., 14, likes and loves Zach because he’s cute and sweet.

Andrea, 11, loves Evan. She talks to him, makes him laugh and hopes to go to dances with him.

Angelica, 12, likes Dylan and thinks he will ask her out. She loves her best friend, Tyler.

Ana, 11, likes Sean. She says hi and passes him notes in class.

Ana, 11, loves Kendall. “He is so sweet and holds my hand in class sometimes.”

Ashley, 17, likes Chris.

Alfanso, 11, likes Gladys.

Amber, 14, likes Chris and loves Brad. They both make her smile.

Anayeli, 13, likes Richal because he’s nice.

Ashley, 13, likes Alex because he’s cute and funny.

Andrew, 10, likes Amy and says she’s cute and nice.

Alanna, 11, likes and loves Shannon. He’s sweet and she likes hanging out with him.

Alicia, 12, likes Adam because he’s nice and funny.

Adam, 10, likes Kate. He loves Amy, his sister.

Adrie, 13, likes Malcom because he is so sweet.

Alex, 10, likes Maddie and loves Kate.

Alfanso, 11, likes Nelly because she’s cute.

Aliesha, 12, likes De’Andre because he’s nice to her.

Ali, 13, likes Jack and loves Stephen. “He makes me laugh.”

Ashley, 13, likes Leonardo and loves Ronnie.

Anni, 14, likes Reece. “He is my best mate. He has left school, so I miss him.”

Ally, 8, likes Sasha because “she makes me feel happy.”

Adam, 11, likes his friend, Will. He loves Lily and he is nice to her.

Analee, 12, likes Jordan. She writes him notes. Analee loves her mom and shows it by respecting her.

Austin, 9, likes and loves Ashley. “She is my girlfriend. She likes to be around me.”

Anonymous, 11, likes and loves a teacher, Melanie “because she is funny and caring.”

Amanda, 13, likes Frankie. She says he’s an “awesome guy.” Amanda loves her Memaw (her grandmother) because “she’s always there for me.”

Amanda, 10, likes her best friend Mary Ellen and her sister Laura. “She is the best big sister in the world.”

Anton, 6, likes his friend, Eddie. He loves his mom.

Ashley, 10, likes Stevan because he’s cute.

Asanatu, 13, likes Jewprise.

Alex, 11, likes Matthew and misses him because they don’t go to the same school anymore. “He understands me. He’s not afraid of love. He’s not afraid of people knowing we like each other and he makes me feel safe.”

Anonymous, 5, likes Naddaly “because she has a very good smile.”

Alli, 11, likes Len because he’s cute.

Adrianne, 15, likes Joseph. “He doesn’t mind I’m different. He has made many footsteps on my heart!” She loves her sister, Joana. She tells her she loves her and looks after her.

Ali, 12, likes Josh. She doesn’t know why.

Allisa, 10, likes Joseph and shows it be asking if he needs help. She loves Nick. “At snack time, we always have each other’s snacks or we trade.”

Ashley, 10, likes Stephen because he’s cute and smart.

April, 9, likes Bernard and talks to him. She loves the singer, Usher, so she listens to his music.

Alison, 17, likes Colten.

Ariel, 13, likes and loves Leeroy. “He’s sweet and fine.”

Alyssa, 12, likes Eugene, so she flirts with him.

Amy, 11, likes C.J. She loves Jemey. They are both cute.

Ace, 11 going on 12, likes and loves Reece. “He is cut and nice.”

Angie, 12, likes and loves Pierre. “He has a cute personality.”

Adriana, 13, likes Antonia because he’s cute. She loves Anthony and shows it by talking tohim.

Aisha, 9, likes Juan. She shows she cares by playing soccer with him.

Angel, 10, likes Martin. “I don’t want anyone to like him because I’m jealous!” She loves her dad.

Aden, 9, likes Austin and loves Abel.

Annaka, 16, likes Ned. She talks to him to show she cares.

Ashley, 13, likes Macho and loves Dashon. She talks to both of them.

Anonymous, 12, likes Nick because he’s really nice and cute.

Amber, 11, likes Nik because he’s “so fit!” She loves Lewis and says she thinks about him all the time.

Ashley, 10, likes Michael because “he is a really great kid.” She gives out lots of hugs to show she cares.

Adel, 13, likes Carl because he’s nice and she’s known him since kindergarten.

Ashley, 10, likes Matt because he’s gentle, cute, and nice.

Angie, 11, likes Evan. “He’s so sweet to me and we like a lot of the same things. And he is kinda cute.”

Arianne, 9, likes Bryan.

Alexa, 11, likes Mike, who is a twin. She loves the actor Adam Brody.

Angel, 10, loves the actor Johnny Depp and watches all his movies.

Ashley, 12, likes Markes because he’s sweet and good looking.

Alice, 12, likes Tom because he’s caring. She shows she cares by “giving him a smile everyday.”

Alex, 9, likes Jamie because she’s cute.

Ashlee, 17, loves Brett, Brian, and Eric because they’re sweet.

Amanda, 10, says: “I love Bobby!”

Ashley, 13, likes Jeffrey.

Ashley, 9, likes Deantre because he’s cute. She loves Marcos because he’s nice.

Autumn, 10, likes Matthew because he helps me. She loves Drew “because he and I are very much alike and it was meant to be true love.”

Ashley, 11, likes Bryson because he’s nice and sweet. She loves Brody. “I care what people say and do that hurt him!”

Alex, 4, likes his brother and loves his mom. He shows he loves his mom by giving her hugs and kisses.

Alicia, 12, likes Teddy. “I like him because he’s cute and has some caring in him.” She loves John who has “the cutest personality.”

Amy, 11, loves Jimmy. She’s not sure why. “When I’m around him, I just, like, feel something.”

Allora, 12, likes Carlos because he’s really nice to everyone. She loves Spike because he’s “soo cute.”


Bobby, 11, loves Natasha. He said he was embarrassed to show how he felt, so he decided to write this email. He thinks she’s “hot” and that she also has a “kind and loving heart.” He wrote: “If she sees this, it will be a miracle. Love ya, Tash.”

Brittney, 14, likes and loves Junior. “I mean, like, when we broke up, like, the whole school started asking me to be their girlfriend and I wouldn’t because I still have such strooooooooonnng feelings for him. What should I do?”

Bea, 12, likes her dog, Odo. “He’s the cutest dog around!”

Brittney, 10, likes Colin and loves Ben.

Baquisha, 13, likes Brandon – also known as “Turtle.” She loves her boyfriend Jermaine.

Brandon, 10, likes and loves Rebecca. “She is my girl.”

Breanna, 10, likes Alexander “for no apparent reason.”

Brittany, 11, like Dant’e because he’s cool and cute

Blaize, 11, likes Tiffany and loves Mom.

Brielle, 12, likes her mom and dad. “They love me.”

Brittany, 11, likes her friend, Tony. “He saved me from getting hit in the head by a basketball.”

Becca, 13, likes John. “I just do.”

BC, 11, loves the whole family. “My mom and dad are there for me. My mom cooks great! My 2 brothers can be annoying, but nice.”

Brandon, 10, likes and loves Codi. “I love her and her personality.”

Brandon, 11, likes Jenny. He shows it by “being a gentleman to the ladies.”

Britany, 15, likes Johnny. “He makes me feel good.”

BBJ, 12, likes Jordan because he’s cute. She loves her mom and shows it by respecting her.

Brian, 10, likes Vickie. “She loves me.”

Brittney, 12, likes Kevin because he’s cute. She hasn’t told him.

Brian, 10, loves Schae. “She is just so perfect.”

Brook, 11, likes Braden because he’s cute.

Britney, 16, likes and loves Frank. “He is very fun to be around.”

Baby, 11, likes Sparky.

Breanne, 12, likes Vinnie because he has the “right personality.”

Brea, 12, likes Chandler because he’s funny and nice.

Brianna, 11, likes Tanner because he’s funny.

Brittany, 10, likes and loves Dylan. She thinks he’s very nice and talks to him a lot.

Brittany, 11, likes and loves Matt because he’s cute.

Bolagia, 10, likes and loves Reece because he’s handsome.

Berenice, 10, likes Kevin because he’s so cute.

Breanna, 12, likes George, who’s cool. She loves Henry because he’s nice.

Britt, 10, likes Dean. She thinks he’s cute.

Brianna, 9, loves Michael. He looks like her twin and they both like sports. She shows she cares by “complimenting him on the great goals that he reaches and not ignoring him.”

Brooke, 11, likes Freddy. “He makes me laugh and he’s cool.”

Brittney, 13, likes and loves Alvin because he’s sweet and nice.

Becky, 11, likes and loves Mathew. She shows she cares by being his friend and laughing with him.

Brandee, 10, likes Gage and thinks he’s cute.

Brooke, 10, likes Randy. She loves Nathan. “He has long hair like me.”

Bailea, 9, likes Jared because he’s cute.

Bob, 16, likes Milly and loves Jolly.

Brandon, 12, loves Ashley “because she is the best of them all.”

Brett, 9, likes Krei because she’s cute.

Becky, 10, likes Ricky because he is himself and “good to talk to and share your feelings with.”

Brittnee, 13, likes Frank. He’s cute and “he makes me happy if I’m down.” She loves the rapper, Romeo, because “he’s sooooo cute and we have a lot in common.” She writes fan letters and has his photos all over her wall.

Betty, 9, likes Gordo and brings him a GameCube to play with.


Courtney, 9, likes Tristen. She shows it by telling him “his percent funny is 1 million percent.” She loves her mom and shows her by kissing her good night.

Can’t Tell, 9, loves Danny. “He’s sweet and I think he may like me too!”

Cecilia, 12, loves Luis. She misses him when he is absent from school. “I wish I could show him I care but it’d be too obvious.”

Courtney, 9, likes Ryan who is one of her friends. “I can’t keep my eyes off him.” They play kick ball together.

Catherine, 13, likes Ryan because he’s one of the sweetest guys she knows.

Crysta, 12, likes Matthew, Adam, and John because they’re all nice.

Crystal, 10, likes Christopher and loves Charles.

Casey, 12, like Fahed because he’s cute.

Christa loves Andrew because he’s cute. Around him, she’s shy.

Casey, 8, loves Floyed. “He is hot, hot, hot!”

Cathy, 11, likes Kyle. She’s nice to him and smiles at him.

Connie, 16, loves Jimmy. “He hugged me when there was no homework to do.”

Ceres, 11, likes James. “I need a boyfriend.”

Cameron, 12, likes Nakeeta and loves mom.

Crystal, 12, likes Rashaad and loves her mom. “She helps me with my homework and my drawings.”

Caitlin, 10, likes Demitri.

Cierra, 11, likes Tyler. “I usually ask him out to the movies every weekend and I’m not mean to him. I call him every night or talk to him online. I love him ssssooo much!!

Catreena, 14, likes Ross. “He is stunning.”

Charlotte, 17, likes Andy because he’s kind and caring.

Candy, 13, likes Aaron because he’s funny and cool.

C.J., 12, likes Brook. He shows her by “doing mostly what she wants.”

Chrisin, 12, likes Justin and loves David.

Catherine, 8, likes Jude. “He is a wee cutie and has a really cute smile!” She loves her family and her fish. She shows her fish that she cares by “cleaning their tank when it gets dirty!”

Chantelle, 14, likes Liam and loves Luke.

Corey, 10, loves Britney. “I just love her so much. I can’t lose her.”

Cuyla, 10, likes Evan and loves Joseph. “He is funny, cool, and all I need.”

Cindy, 10, likes Matthew because he’s cool. She loves her mom and hugs her.

Cally, 12, likes Tyler and Josh. “I love them both so much!”

Caroline, 9, likes Jack and loves Nick. “He loves me and I love him.”

Cheyenne, 11, likes Billy. She loves her dad. “He has been the best dad ever.”

Cheyenne, 11, likes the actor David Boreanaz (from the show, “Angel”). “He is hot and mysterious,” she says.

Cassandra, 11, likes Justin. “He is nice, caring, and cute.”

Carolyn, 13, likes Christopher. “He’s way cute, he’s athletic, and he’s the kind of guy that you want to put his arms around you and protect you!” She loves her family. “They’re family, people. It’s a package deal!”

Chris, 12, likes Ashle.”She is cute.”

Cameron, 13, likes Reachel. Right now, he doesn’t know her.

Caroline, 11, likes Cameron

“because he is nice, funny, and cute!”

Camille, 10, likes Keldrick because he’s funny and cute. She talks to him almost every day.

Courtney, 7, loves Lyle.

Corbin, 16, likes Taylor because she’s beautiful. He treats her with respect.

Cemone, 12, likes Raymond because he’s cute.

Clair, 13, likes and loves Keven because of his hair.

Cybill, 14, likes and loves Robin. He’s handsome and “he loves me, too.”

Charmaine, 15, likes and loves Micheal. “He’s so cute.”

Ca’che, 10, likes Matt because he’s funny.

Conny, 11, loves Brenton because he’s cute, funny, and sweet.

Cheleana, 17, likes William because he’s “very smart, intelligent, nice, and funny.” She loves Ivory. “He’ll be there to help me out.”

Carolann, 13, likes her family because they’re always there for her. She loves the actor Johnny Depp. She buys his films.

Christina, 10, likes Billy. “He is very funny and nice to hang around with. Plus, he always falls for me tripping him.”

Courtney, 14, likes Donivan and thinks he’s cute.

Colin, 13, likes Amber because “she’s a great athlete and she’s pretty and sweet.” Colin also loves the actress Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.

Chalon, 10, likes her brother Phernandez. “A shout out to Phernandez – Love ya!” Chalon loves grandma and mama because “they always do things for me.”

Carmen, 11, likes Cavon. “He is absolutely gorgeous.”

Chantel, 8, likes Andrew and loves Crystal. They are both nice.

Crystal, 11, likes and loves M.I.

Chelsea, 12, likes Chris and shows it by showing him how to do certain homework problems and not making fun of him. She loves her mom because “she cooks every night and still has time to talk to me and spend time with me after a busy day.”

Carrie, 15, likes Ben because “I love him and he loves me, too.”

Cheily, 12, likes John because of his “cute eyes” and “hot attitude.”

Charity, 12, likes and loves Datavious because he’s “fine, sweet, and funny.”

Caroline, 9, likes Michael because he’s cute. “I talked to him.”

Casey, 10, likes and loves Jordan because he’s “nice, funny, sweet, kind, smart and cute!”

Being herself is the way she shows Jordan that she cares.

Christina, 13, likes Zach because he’s cute. She loves her Aunt Velma because she takes care of her.

Chloe, 12, likes Ben because he’s funny and cute.

Cynthia, 11, likes her friend Jessica. “I comfort her when she doesn’t feel happy.” She loves Robert and shows she cares by helping him.

Chelz, 13, likes Andrew and tells him so.

Callum, 15, likes Brooklyn. Why? “I dunno. She’s fit and she reminds me of New York.”


Divya, 11, likes Arun. “He is nice and he cares about me.” She loves her parents.

Denise, 11 likes Giana. “She is my BBBBBEEEEESSSSSTTTTTEEEEESSSSSTTTTT friend in the world!!!!!!!!

We always talk to each other!!! I hope we stay friends forever!!!!”

Dani, 10, likes Bert. She showed him by going to his concert.

Danielle, 9, likes James. “He keeps my secerets and I keep his. But the secret I never told him was I really like him, and I think he likes me too!”

Dorotee, 14, likes D.J. and loves Patrick. “He’s not like other boys.”

Dominic, 13, likes Jacklyn because “her smile is so cute.”

Devon, 10, likes Jonathan because he’s cute and smart. She talks to him at lunch.

Daneis, 10, likes Ray because he’s cute and smart.

Danielle, 8, likes Max because he’s good looking.

Dowana, 12, likes Amro. She loves Colten.

Deanna, 9, likes Ashley because he’s cute.

Diana, 11, loves her dog, Spot, who died of a kidney problem. “Luv ya, Spot!”

Danica, 10, likes Max because he’s cute and funny. She loves her boyfriend, Sean.

Danielle, 11, likes and loves Matt because he’s funny and nice.

Dylan, 13, likes Catherine. “She’s awesome.”

Diana, 15, likes Daniel. She loves Caig.

Danni, 14, loves Kieron because he’s sweet.

Diamond, 11, loves Chase. She shows she cares by “smiling a lot and acting as if I really do love those silly songs he sings from the movie, ‘School of Rock.’ “

Dakia, 14, likes Jamaal. She loves Steve and calls him.

Dant’e, 12, likes Brittany.

Dana, 11, likes Faisal. “He is sooo cute and really nice to me.”

Dan, 8, loves Nelly. She’s nice and fun, but, Dan says: “I do not exactly know why I love her.”

Diana, 11, loves Tyler, Amanda, Laura, Ashley, and her family. “I love my friends and family because they support me with friendship, caring, and laughter. They talk to me and I can turn to them when I need help.”

Dana, 15, likes Ben.

Devin, 12, likes Tyler. She helps him with problems and cares about him.

Dominique, 10, likes and loves Robert. “He says the craziest and nicest things you could think of.”

Dorcy, 11, likes Edgar because he has a nice personality. She shows she likes him by “telling my friend to ask him if he likes me.”

Dorlly, 9, likes Sawyer. She gives him candy.


Em, 12, likes M.J. because he’s funny.

Emily, 10, likes Matt because he’s cute.

Emma, 11, likes Yassin, who now lives far away. “I wish you would read this Yassin because I really love you. I care sooo much. You said to me you will never love anyone but me and the same with me. I love you. Marry me!”

Emily, 13, likes and loves Connor for his sense of humor. “He knows how to get a good laugh going.”

Elyse, 11, likes her friend, Maggie. “We have a lot in common.”

Emily, 11, likes Thomas and loves Zack.

Eliana, 10, likes C.J. because he’s cute.

Emily, 13, loves Kurtis but she’s not sure why.

Erin, 11, likes her friend Arianna. She loves Cole and stares at him.

Erica, 12, likes Brandon. “He was like a brother to me and he was nice to me no matter if the other boys weren’t nice to me last year in the 5th grade.” She loves her best friend, Jesse, even though they live far apart now.

Emily, 10, likes Thomas because he’s really funny, smart, and cute.

Emily, 11, likes Nick. She loves Andrew. “He follows me around.”

Emily, 9, loves her mom and dad. She shows them by being nice.

Elene, 10, likes Keven because he’s cute.

Emily, 11, likes Dan and loves her dog, Mille. “She is so cute and so nice.”

Emmily, 11, likes Juan and loves Quinque. Quinque loves her as a friend, she says.

Eliza, 10, likes Tyler because he’s really cute and he’s really nice when someone gets hurt. “My friends tell me that he likes me but I don’t believe it.”

Elizabeth, 13, likes Jaime and loves Kevin. They are both kind.

Emerald, 11, likes Ben because he’s “smart, funny, and charming.” She loves the singer, Usher, and shows it by being a fan.

Emilee, 10, likes and loves Jacob. She shows him by telling him “hello” and smiling.

Emily, 11, loves Adam. “Our love must be strong because we were together 6 years and now you’ve dumped me. Please take me back!”

Emily, 10, likes her friend Christine because she’s funny and nice. She likes hanging out with her.

Emily, 10, likes Ben. She loves Kevin. They are both nice.

Emily, 13, likes someone special. She’s going to give him another chance

Erica, 10, likes Taver because he’s cute.

Erinesha, 12, likes and loves C.J. “He is awesome.”

Emily, 13, likes Cam. “He phones me so much and tells me that he loves me and I like that a lot.”


Francis, 15, likes William. “When he has a problem, we try to solve it together. I help him with whatever I can. He knows that I love him.”

Fransisca, 11, likes Juan. She kisses his hand.

Faye, 14, likes and loves Marshy. She lets him talk to her.

Felicia, 12, likes Sean. ” I love him because he is cute and comical.”


Gracie, 12, likes her sister, Olivia. “She buys me sweets all the time and we dance to music in her room.” She loves Tom, so she text-messages him “24/7.”

Georgia, 9, likes her mom because she makes “amazing spaghetti.” She loves Jake, who “always says I’m pretty.”

Gabby, 13, likes and loves her friends Laura and Andrea.

Gino, 10, likes Raelene. “She is kind and pretty. I love you very much.”

Ganhu, 15, likes Scotty because he’s cute.

Gemma, 11, likes Addison because “he’s funny and nice and he has my weird sense of humor.”

Giana, 14, loves Joe. “I love his smile, and everything about him – how he is not rude to people who aren’t his friends. Stuff like that.”

Gustav, 9, likes Sarah.


Haley, 10 loves Glen because he’s so cute so funny. She tries to make him laugh.

Hannah, 12, likes William because “he always knows exactly what to say when I need to hear it.”

Hannah, 10, likes Austin because she likes his personality.

Heather, 9, likes her cat, Kitty. She loves Miles. “We go to the same school and he is cute.”

Her, 10, likes Him.

Halyna, 10, likes her best friend Angela. “She always looks out for me and helps me when I’m in trouble.” She loves her mom and dad. She shows how much she cares by “not making them mad at me and being trustworthy.”

Holly, 12, likes Joe and loves Nick. “We have almost everything in common.”

Hector, 11, likes his family and his teacher. “They teach me a lot of things.”

Haley, 12, likes her parents. She gives them presents she makes herself.

Hannah, 11, likes Peter because he is nice and funny.

Holly, 11, likes Danny Jones of the English band McFly. “He is really fit and has a great singing voice.” She buys the band’s singles and puts their posters in her room.

Hannah, 10, likes and loves Devon and shows it by asking him out.

Hailey, 9, likes Glory because she’s nice. Hailey loves Glen because he’s really cute and funny. She shows she cares about him by “just trying to be a friend.”

Hannah, 9, likes Dakota. She shows she cares by talking to him and sending him letters.

Hannah, 13, loves Will because he makes her laugh.

Hayden, 11, likes Jarrod because he’s sweet.

Heaven, 11, likes Jacob because he’s nice and very cute.

Helen, 11, likes Correy and loves Bobby. They’re both nice and cute.

Heather, 5, likes Sam because he is very nice.

Hope, 11, loves Connor because he’s cute, funny, “and simply the best!”


Ila, 16, says: “I love Allen. I love Allen. I love Allen. I love Allen. I love Allen. I love Allen.”

Isabella, 10, likes Amanda. “She’s nice to me even if we get into fights.” Isaella loves Pierce and shows it by talking to him.

Ivan, 12, likes Candice. He plans to give her a present on Valentine’s Day.

Inu, 11, likes Kagome and hugs her.

Isain, 10, likes Gladys because she’s cute.

Isaac, 11, likes Amber and loves Capri. He thinks they both have “good style.” At last year’s school dance, he told Capri she looked great. “I also make some jokes about her, but they aren’t mean.”


Jasmine, 10, likes and loves Justin. “He is funny and is like me.”

Jacqueline, 12, likes Julian. She waits for him in the morning.

Julia, 12, likes Victor because “he is so sweet and kind and has beautiful eyes.”

Joyce, 12, likes Sid because he’s funny, smart, and cute. “I wish he could talk to me.”

Jake, 13, likes and loves his sisters, Paola and Gabi. He tries to help them and take care of them.

Jennifer, 11, likes and loves Andrew. “I show that I care about him by telling him that I like him.”

Jasmine, 12, likes David and Edgar because they’re fine.

Jannette, 11, likes Eduardo. She loves Brandon. She kisses her books when she looks at him.

Jade, 12, likes Scott. “He has a great since of humor! And he is very strong, too!”

Jazmine, 12, likes Caesar. “He is so fine.”

Jeffrey, 12, likes Rosie because she is “fine.”

Julio, 12, likes Alexis because she is “fine.” Jennifer, 15, likes Judas. “He’s goth and he’s not a stuck-up like a lot of kids at my school.”

Jessica, 12, likes Robert secretly. She loves Mike secretly, too.

Jeny, 10, likes and loves Denis. “When I walk past, I say, ‘hi.’ “

Janne’, 18, likes the singer, Mario Barrett. She visits his web site and listens to his CDs “nonstop.”

Jim, 5, likes Donna. “She’s cute.”

JoJo, 11, likes Jake. He’s cute and nice.

Jordan, 8, likes Cody and loves Justin.

Jade, 11, likes and loves Glenn. She watches his games.

Janeth, 13, likes Adam. “He has been with me for, like, ever. And he totally respects me and I do the same for him!” She loves her family and friends. “They got my back and I got their back.”

Jessie, 11, likes her friend, Sarah. She loves Ash. “He is so fit.”

Jessica, 10, likes Robert because he’s smart and really cute.

Jen, 10, loves David.

Jasmine, 13, loves Jose. “I wish to talk to him.”

Jessica says she loves the ice cream man. “He melts my heart.”

J.F., 12, likes Rigoberto. “He is so cute and he is very funny!”

Jessica, 14, loves Dalton. “Everytime I am around him he makes me feel like I can be myself. I wish I could be with him all the time.”

Joseph, 9, likes and loves Lateisha. “She is nice and pretty,” he says. Joseph helps her do her work.

Jessie, 9, likes Max. She loves Andrew because he’s cute.

Jenna, 7, likes Keegan, but “ONLY becuase he’s a nice friend.”

Jasmine, 11, likes Matt because he’s funny. She shows she likes him “by messing with him.”

Jazzmine, 11, likes and loves Deishawn because he’s funny and cares for her.

Johanna, 12, likes Jake. “He is cute, sweet, and funny.”

J.K., 8, likes K. and loves H.

Jacki, 5, likes Jesus Christ and serves him every day.

Jada, 13, likes Akeem. He “has a good personality and spends a lot of time talking to me.”

Jade, 10, likes playing together with her friend, Millie. “She is very kind.”

Jade, 10, likes Ryan and loves A.J. “He is a smart and nice kid.”

Jaleesa, 11, likes Clifford because he’s funny, nice, and cute. She likes Kyle because he’s nice and cool.

Jamie, 9, likes David. “He teaches me how to draw and he’s good at science (just like me).

And Jamie loves Kyle “because his personality is fantastic.”

Janeka, 17, likes Kevin. “He makes me smile.” She loves her mommy because she takes care of her.

Jasen, 12, likes Sam because she’s nice.

Jasjit, 9, likes Annie and tries to make her happy when she’s sad. Jasjit loves dad because “when I’m sad, scared, or need help, he helps me.”

Jeanne, 15, likes Robert because he looks like the actor Adam Sandler. She loves Dystin, her baby brother.

Jeni, 11, likes Preston who is “way cute.” She shows she likes him by “giving all these hints.”

Jesse, 11, likes Cody because he’s nice. She loves Austen, so she ignores him.

Jessica, 11, likes “Garret, Adam, Joe, Jake, and all of the boys in my class! I am so sorry to tell you if you didn’t want to know!”

Jessica, 12, likes Michel because he’s cute and nice.

Jessica, 12, likes and loves Chase because he’s “nice all the time, every day.”

Jillian, 12, likes Adam and shows it by talking to him.

John, 13, likes Mayra, who is funny, cute, and smart. “I make her laugh.”

Johnna, 11 going on 12, likes Blane. “When he was new to the school, I let him sit with my friends and me.” She loves Ponchey and has since 5th grade. “When he didn’t have lunch money, I gave him some of mine.”

Jordyn, 12, likes Ian.

Jannette, 11, likes John and loves Robert.

Johnetta, 13, likes Philip because he’s funny, cute, and nice to talk to. She loves Jesus Christ and prays every day.

Joy, 10, likes and loves Dane “because he’s nice and we love to talk.” They share a seat on the bus.

Judy, 9, likes and loves Jared. “He’s a neat guy.”

Juliana, 10, likes talking to Gene and staring at him. He’s funny, cute, and nice.

Jenny, 12, loves Luis because “he makes me feel special.”

Justine, 11, likes her best friend Shannon. “She’s so fun to be around.” Justine loves Malcom. “He’s so cute and nice and funny and sweet. I could go on forever.” She can’t show him she cares because he has a girlfriend and she doesn’t want to “interfere with anything.”

Jazmin, 9, likes Cristian for his “cuteness” and “great personality.”

Jordan, 8, likes Thomas. “He is nice and funny.”

Jasmine, 11, likes her mom. She loves God.

Julio, 12, likes Chelsea because of the way she looks. She tells her she’s “fine.”

Jade, 13, likes Austin because he’s nice to her.