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Kids Talk About: Valentine’s Day (K-Z)

The following list of Valentine comments includes kids whose names start with K-Z. To move to different letters, click the links at the bottom of the page.


Kendra, 12, likes Darrick. “He knows just how to take my breath away.”

Kiara, 12, likes Doug. She loves Ronnie. “We just have something there that will never go away.”

K.S., 12, likes and loves Brian. “He is a good person.”

Kaleigh, 11, likes and loves Vin. She looks at his picture.

Kelly, 10, likes and loves John. She likes everything about him.

Karelle, 10, likes Michal and loves Robert. “He understands me a lot and always makes me laugh.”

Kay, 11, loves her mom because she’s sweet.

Katherine, 10, likes Jake because he’s funny, cute, and kind.

Kellie, 12, likes Collin and loves Tanner. They’re both funny and cute.

Katelin, 10, likes Ashton.

Kate, 16, likes Jared. She says “hi” to him in the halls.

Kemiesha, 12, likes Jamarquise. “I like him because he is funny.” She loves Shaquille because he’s nice.

Kimberly, 13, likes and loves Derek. “He’s a hottie and he makes me laugh.”

Krissy, 17, loves her boyfriend, John. They’ve been dating for “five beautiful and wonderful years!”

Kylee, 10, likes Drake and loves Cesar.

Kristyn, 11, likes Simon and loves Michael. “He’s cool and cool to be with.”

Kaitlynn, 9, likes Chase because “he tries to cheer me up when I am sad.”

Known, 10, likes Rose.

Kiara, 8, likes and loves Savon. Why? “I can’t tell you.”

Karly, 12, likes Paul, whom she’s known for a long time. She loves Grant. “He has F-I-N-E written all over him. Can you say ‘hotty?’ “

Kate, 11, likes Matthew because he cares for everyone.

Kathleen, 9, likes her friend, Kat. She loves Cody, her boyfriend.

Kassandra, 12, likes Miguel because he’s a gentleman. She loves her mom and dad. “They are really good parents. And they spoil me too much.”

Kayla, 10, likes Gordon because he’s nice and cute.

Kearstin, 10, likes Quinten and loves William. “He laughs at my jokes, which makes me happy.”

Katie, 17, likes and loves Bob. “He’s cute.”

Kristina, 12, likes Trent because he’s cute.

Katherine, 10, likes Dakota because he’s nice, cute, kind, honest, respectful, sweet, and smart.

Kaitlin, 11, likes Michael. She flirts with him and messes up his hair in science class.

Kevin, 11, likes his friend Steven. He loves Mindy and kisses her.

Kim, 12, likes Joe. She’s his girlfriend.

Kaly, 15, likes Austen. “We say all the time, ‘I love you.” Sometimes, he says that to me and sometimes I say that to him. He is in my class and that is why I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.”

Katie, 12, likes Matt because he’s cute. “I hit him.”

Katie, 9, likes and loves Justin. He’s “cute and extremely sweet.”

Kalbe, 7, likes Parker because he’s funny. She loves Taylor because he’s sweet.

Kati, 10, likes Jared.

Kristy, 14, likes Terry and loves Kevin. Kevin is hilarious, she says.

Kate, 11, likes and loves Brandon. She thinks he’s funny.

Kiran, 14, loves Vichitra because she’s nice and kind.

Kassy, 12, likes Ross. To show she cares by “talking nice and complimenting him.”

Ky, 15, likes Sonia and loves Teri.

Kaitlin likes C.J. because he’s cute and nice.

Kat, likes Madi, because “she is my bestestestestestestest friend eva.” And she loves James.

Katie, 11, likes Jake. “He plays percussion and is on my soccer team. Plus, he danced the waltz with me in my school Christmas program.”

Kelsey, 11, likes Austin and loves Connor. “I call him every night.”

Kevin, 10, likes no one. “No one’s fine for me.”

Kendra, 11, likes and loves Bryce because he’s nice and sweet. She shows she cares by “being myself.”

Kaya, 10, likes Marcus. “I will show I care by spending time with him, smiling, saying ‘hi’ everyday, stuff like that.”

Krystin, 14, likes and loves her mom and dad. She also likes her pets, Oreo and Snowball.

Kevin, 9, likes Krista because she is pretty. He shows he likes her by “showing her respect.”

Kyle, 11, likes Allison because she’s “hot.”

Katie, 13, likes Benny because he’s cute and nice to her. To show she cares, Katie is nice to him, teases him (in a nice way) and smiles at him.

Kelsey, 8, likes Jacob because he’s funny. She loves Andrew because he’s sweet.

Kelsey, 10, likes Shannon. “He is really nice and does not think I’m invisible like everybody else.”

Katelyn, 11, loves Daniel because “he’s totally cute, funny, and nice.”

Kassidy, 9, likes and loves Derek. She shows him by walking with him.

Khadijah, 10, likes Dominic because he’s cute and smart. “I think he likes me,” she says. Khadijah shows she likes Dominic by telling him jokes.

Kristin, 9, likes Austin because he’s nice and funny. She shows she cares by helping him in school.

Kirsty, 9, likes Mitchell because he’s so cute.

Katie, 11, likes K.C. She shows she cares by giggling.

Kelsey, 9, likes Joey because he’s cute. She loves her dad because he takes care of her.

Katie, 12, likes Danny and loves her dad. “He is always there for me.”

Keelie, 10, loves Justin because he’s healthy, fit, and cute.

Kyla, 13, says she likes herself – Kyla! To show it, she takes care of herself. She loves her whole family because they are kind.

Kelly, 9, likes Squeaky, Steve, and Jake because they are cute.

Korey, 11, likes Cody because he is cute.

Kellie, 12, likes her friend LoLo. “We are always going to be BFF (best friends forever)!”

Kayla, 14, likes Popz and loves Esteban. She gives him attention.

Kaitlin, 10, likes and loves Tom. She shows she cares by being nice to him.

Karla, 14, likes and loves Steven. She will show she cares by giving him a Valentine’s Day card.

Kelsey, 10, likes Kodi “because he is my type.”

Keileen, 9 1/2, likes Hailey. “I always make her laugh.”

Kelsey, 10, loves her dad and hugs him.

Kaitlyn, 8, likes Wacy because he’s nice to her.


Lizzie, 12, likes Landis. “He’s not one of those ‘Touch my hair and I’ll kill you’ kinda guys. He’s sweet and old fashioned. He holds the door open for me and my best friend, Cayla.” Lizzie loves the actor Oliver James. “I watch (the movie) ‘What A Girl Wants’ over and over again. I know all of his lines.”

Leah, 11, likes James. She loves Thomas. “He’s funny, kind, and good at art.”

Lisa, 10, likes and loves Peyton because he’s cute and funny. She is his friend.

Laquisha, 11, likes Saul and loves Steven.

Lili Kate likes Lui. “He is my best friend.”

Laura, 12, likes William, Robert, Jeremy, Josh, Jake, and Cody. They’re always there for me when I need them.”

Logan, 10, likes and loves Danielle. He shows her by “smiling in the hall.”

Leah, 10, likes Abby because “she is a brilliant friend.” She loves Thomas “because he is fit and he also loves animals.”

Lily, 15, likes Gregory. “He is soooooo cute and has a weird personality.”

LaQuinta, 13, likes AJ. “I love him with all my heart.”

Laura, 10, likes Bethney. She is nice and is always there for me.”

Lauren, 11, likes and loves Trey. She thinks his hair is “hot.”

Lizzet, 9, likes and loves her mommy and daddy.

Lillie, 10, likes Corey. She spends time with him.

Lila, 13, likes Trevor because “he is a dare devil”

Laura, 14, loves Robert and tells him so.

Lily, 10, likes her best friend, Holly. She loves Adam, who is cute and funny.

Liam, 12, likes and loves Charlie, who is funny. “She is beautiful.”

Layla, 10, loves Andrew because he’s a good friend.

Larry, 11, likes Maria because she’s really cute. He loves Bianca because she’s really pretty. He shows he cares by giving her roses.

Lewis, 8, likes Sera because she’s “lovely.”

Linda, 12, likes Paul because he’s funny and caring.

Lucy, 9, likes Jake because he’s friendly and funny.

Luzmary, 12, likes Carlos. “He has a nice smile and big owl eyes.” She loves her mom, so she listens to her and takes care of her.

Luke, 6, likes science!

Luisa, 10, likes Christian, who she nicknamed B.C. She loves her whole family. “I love them because they’re loving and caring.”

Lynsey, 12, loves David and they have been in the same school together for 7 years. “I say ‘thank you’ when he does something nice, like holds the door open for me. I also hang out with him and wait for him in between classes.”

Lauren, 12, likes Dalton, John, and Kyle because they are nice and “kewl.”

Lisa, 9, likes Bobby because he’s nice.

Lisa, 9, likes her family because they are nice and helpful.

Lee, 13, loves mom because “she’s part of my family.”

Louisa, 10, likes Jamie because he’s cute and funny. She gives him presents.

Lauren, 17, likes Loraine because she looks after her.

Leanne, 12, likes and loves Jamie.

Lu Lu, 15, loves Scott because he’s lovely.

Lucy, 10, likes Reece.

Liz, 12, likes Aaron “because he’s my boyfriend and I love him.”

Laura, 9, likes Alex. She laughs at his jokes and is nice to him.

Leonor, 14, likes Chris and loves Tina.

Laina, 12, likes Stephen and loves Jake. Stephen is nice and Jake “always has a positive attitude.”

Lindsey, 12, likes and loves Jordan. She thinks he’s a good friend.

Laura, 11, likes Joey because he’s popular.

Laurie, 10, likes Jeremy. She eats lunch with him.

Louise, 13, likes Kevin and loves Jack. They’re both cute.


Malachi, 11, likes Shakyra. “I like her because she is in a gifted program with me. She has flava and attitude!”

Mike, 13, didn’t want to name names but he did say: “Girls – they’re cute.”

Max, 11, likes Samantha because she’s cute and has a great personality.

Maggie, 12, likes her best friend, Elyse.

Mikaela, 10, likes Matthew who is funny and smart and has a great sense of humor.

McCall, 10, likes and loves Justin. She shows she cares by “teasing him and calling him names.”

Michelle, 13, likes Conor. “He is the nicest, sweetest person I know. His smile can light up a room.”

Miranda, 12, likes Austin. She calls him and “helps him with life problems.”

Miriam, 12, likes Fransisco. She loves her mom. “She gives me food and shelter. I love her.”

Michael, 13, loves Samantha. “She’s just my type.”

Maha, 10, likes and loves her little brother, Ibrahim, and her little sister, Huda. They can say little words. She changes their diapers and tries to be a good big sister.

Mia, 12, likes Mike because he’s fun to be around. She laughs at his jokes “even when they are terrible.” Mia loves her Papa (her grandpa) because he takes care of her.

Maggie, 12, likes and loves Frank. He doesn’t say bad words, she says. “He is beautiful.”

Megan, 11, likes William and Jane. “They are my best friends! Everyone should have friends like them!”

Mimi, 11, likes Erick because he’s smart.

MaryEllen, 10, likes Cody and shows it by helping him.

Mia, 11, likes Kyle because he’s “soooooooooooooooooo cute.” She looks at him a lot and sometimes doesn’ t pay attention to her work!

Miranda, 13, likes Dylan. She thinks he’s funny.

Monica, 13, likes Andy because he’s a nice guy. She loves the singer, Usher, and has lots of his posters.

Mari, 12, likes Tevin because he’s cute

Matthew, 9, likes Laura because she’s funny.

Madison, 8, likes and loves Tom.

Michael, 12, likes his friend Eric. “He is very funny.” Michael loves his mom because she takes care of him.

Milleena, 9, likes Dasen. “He’s a hero.”

Maggie, 10, likes Sam but she’s too shy to show it. “He is nice, cute, and likes cars.”

Madison, 11, likes Josh. “Whenever I see him, I get butterflies in me.”

Mattea, 9, likes and loves Marcus. “He has blond hair and blue eyes and he is a funny person.”

Maudly, 11, loves Danby. “He’s fine” and has a good personality.

Marvin, 12, likes Tierra. “I always hug her and sometimes say ‘hi.’ “

Madison, 10, likes Mitchell who is cute and nice. She shows she cares by “being annoying!”

Madi, 14, likes Kat because she’s an amazing friend and makes her laugh when she’s feeling down. Madi loves Murray because “he’s da bestest person in da world – cute, cute, cute!”

Millie, 10, loves Ben because “he is very nice and funny and he also cares about me.”

Mercedes, 11, loves Andy because he’s funny and kind. She shows she cares by saying hello to him.

Martha, 10, likes Blake. “I think of him as just a friend, but it gets confusing sometimes.” They have the same interests and talk a lot.

Marcia, 11, likes Micah and loves Andrew. She tells them how she feels.

Michelle, 11, likes Alanzo because he’s cute and has a “cool personality.” Michelle shows she cares by “being myself.”

Malisa, 14, likes Josh. “He is always nice to me.” She loves her mom and tells her so.

Marix, 11, likes Maca.

Monica, 8, loves her sister Genesis. “She is very funny and smart for a baby.”

Mary, 10, likes Emilio because he’s a good friend and funny.

Michaela, 10, likes Gabe and loves Tristan. She laughs at his jokes.

Maggie, 12, likes Mike because he’s nice. “But when he says mean stuff to me I just can’t be nice to him.”

Marquise, 12, likes David. “I hope this Valentine’s Day he notices me.” Marquise loves her mom. “She gives me joy.”

Morgan, 12, likes Chad. She calls him and gave him gifts at holiday time.

Melissa, 10, loves Nick. She thinks he’s funny and writes him love notes.

Myra, 12, likes and loves Todd. “He is cute and has a good personality.”

Madeline, 15, likes Stuart. “I only see him once a year but we play soccer against each other and get along well.”

Mandy, 13, likes Gin’u.

Mike, 10, likes his mom because she’s nice. He loves Taylor so he’s nice to her.

Mackenzie, 9, loves David. He is nice to her so she is nice to him.

Mea, 10, likes Illian because he’s cute. She loves Jacob. To show she cares, she smiles at him and wears trendy clothes.

Monica, 12, likes Walter. “He is nice and caring.” She talks to him and gives him hugs.

Mely, 15, likes Kevin and loves Miguel.


None of your business, 12, likes Pat. “He is sooooooooooooooo cute n’ cool I mean REALLY cute!”

Natto, 13, likes Blaize.

Nikki, 15, likes her best friend Emily. She loves Chris, who is polite, generous, and cute.

Natalia, 9, likes John because he’s cute.

Nicole, 13, likes Beau.

Nick, 11, likes Ally and loves Jazmine. “She loves all the stuff I do.”

Nelson, 11, likes Rebecca. “She is fun, nice, and flirty.”

Nicky, 13, likes Shirley. She loves Bobby. “I love him because he is supportive of me and he thinks I’m great.”

Nicole, 10, likes C.J. “He’s great.”

Nebyu, 10, likes Alison. She is cute and smart, he says. “I want to marry her.” He loves his mom, too. “She supports me in any way she can and she will always love me.”

Nicola, 10, likes Olivia. She loves her mom and dad. To show them, she gets “A-plusses.”

Nayo, 12, likes Cristopher and loves her dad. “He puts a smile on my face.”

Nikki, 14, likes and loves Jason. “He is adorable.”

Nitisha, 13, likes her dad. “He’s my favorite and cares about me.” She loves Kamal.

Nichelle, 11, likes Labryant because he’s nice.

Natalie, 13, likes Brennen, who is cute and funny.

Nia, 12, likes Marcus because “he’s fine.”

Neil, 14, likes and loves Amy and Jody because they are good friends.

Nicole, 11, likes Juan and loves Darrel, who “is finer than any boy on this planet.”

Natalie, 11, loves Giovanni. As for why, Natalie says, “I’m sorry. I can’t find the words to tell you.”

Nzingha, 10, likes and loves Victor. She writes in her diary about him.

Nicholas, 6, likes his family because they love him. He loves Jesus, too.

Nick, 8, likes and loves Cambria because she’s pretty and nice.

Niambi, 10, loves Hudson because he’s funny or cute. She shows she likes him by smiling.

Nadine, 11, likes Johnny and loves Ogy. They are both “lovely.”

Nichole, 11, likes Jake and thinks he’s cute and nice.

Natasha, 12, likes and loves Alex. “He is nice, honest, and patient.”

Nel, 12, loves Trey. “I basically love everything about him.”


Olivia, 11, likes Nick because he makes her laugh. She loves her family because they’re always there for her.

Olivia, 12, likes Stephane because he’s sweet and loveable.

Olivia, 8, likes Quintin. “He is always nice.”

Olivia, 9, likes Robyn because “she is always on my side.” She loves Calvin because he’s cute and nice.


Phia, 9, likes Zack. She gives him attention.

Piper, 12 1/2, likes and loves Ryan. “He is sweet and kind 2 my friends.”

Party, 10 going on 11, likes Will.

Phylicia, 12, likes and loves Kevin Diggs. She helps him with his school work.

Paxy, 10, likes her mum because she cleans her room.

Pif, 13, likes and loves Tyler.

Peaches, 13, likes Huly. “He is nice and cute. She loves Rashad, who has a nice smile.

Perla, 10, likes and loves Max because he’s nice.

Paul, 13, likes Samantha because she has a great personality.

Perry, 10, likes mom because she’s special. Perry loves Carmen, who’s a “nice little pup.”

Piratica, 14, likes Jayden. She shows she cares by instant messaging him. Piratica loves the actor, Orlando Bloom.


Quiana, 10, likes Marcus and loves Marty “because he is so cool and sweet.”

Quinn, 11, likes Max because he’s friendly and funny. She gives him candy sometimes. Quinn loves Brian. “He is nice to me and I see him all summer.”


Richelle, 10, likes Mrs. Silva. “She’s kind.”

Rosie, 10, likes and loves Thomas. “He’s already moved up to secondary school, but I used to endlessly stare at him and smile.”

Rita, 11, likes Jacob and loves Scott. “He’s my best friend and my best friend forever.”

Reanna, 11, likes Anthony and loves Bob. “He is cute and funny.”

Rebecca, 13, likes the singer Nick Lachey. She thinks and daydreams about him.

Rainy, 10, likes and loves Jacob. He is cute and has a good personality, she says.

Rebecca, 10, likes D.J.

Rola, 12, loves “mum.”

Rebecca, 12, likes and loves Adam. She says he’s “sooooo funny” and “soooooo necta (sweet).”

Raisean, 13, likes Christian “because when I am around him he makes me feel so different!” She loves the singer/actor Jesse McCartney.

Ross, 10, likes Nicoll.

Rachel, 13, likes and loves T.J. because “he treats me with respect and he is a real gentleman and he always makes me laugh.”

Ricky, 11, loves mom and dad because they are good parents. To help them both, Ricky does the dishes and cleans.

Rachel, 13, likes J.D. and Zack. “They are funny and don’t misjudge people.” Rachel loves her parents, two sisters, and three dogs: Rocky (Sheltie), Jack (Border Collie), and Daisy (another Border Collie). She shows she cares for everyone by helping out around the house.

Rebecca likes Brandon. She loves Lucas and shows it by being shy.

Rebecca, 10, likes Gaige and loves Elijah.

Racquel, 12, likes B.J. and loves Bantrolla. He’s funny and has a nice personality.

Robert, 11, likes Laura because she’s pretty.

Rebecca, 11, likes Chris. “If me or anyone else needs help, he’s always there.”

Rachel, 9, loves Quinton and writes him love letters.

Raquel, 10, likes and loves Aries because he is fine.


Sammy, 16, likes and loves Anna. “She is the love of my life…She is my girl.” He walks her home and takes her out.

Somebody, 11, likes Ivan because he’s sweet. Somebody loves her brother, Brett, too.

Steven, 10, likes Madison because she’s pretty. “I care about her.”

Sydnee, 11, likes Shane because he’s always there for her.

Shay, 12, likes Garret because he’s cute.

Samantha, 11, likes Max because he’s nice to her and he’s cute.

Steven, 15, likes Alison.

Sydney, 12, likes Ronald because he’s always sweet and funny.

Shamar, 12, likes and loves Chris.

Sierra, 16, likes Ross because he has cute hair.

Sarah, 10, likes Akheim. “He’s always nice and there when I need help the most.”

Sade, 9, likes and loves Kasib because he’s cute.

Sage, 10, likes Hannah. She is funny.

Sammie, 10, likes Jaron. “I turn red around him.”

Syliva, 13, likes her best friend Adrienne. She loves Remi.

Safari, 12, likes her friend, Danisha. “She’s a good friend.”

Shelbi, 13, likes D.W. and loves her mom. “She loves me.”

Steven, 13, likes his friend, Dan, because he’s funny. He loves Jill because she’s nice.

Steph, 11, loves her mum. “I love her because she loves me.”

Shirley, 10, likes Micheal. She lets him borrow her stuff.

Staphanie, 12, likes Kelly.

Shemar, 5, likes Lenay “because she wears glasses and she’s cute.” Shemar loves mom, too.

Samantha, 11, likes Kyle. She talks to him but tries “not making it too obvious that I like him.” She loves her Auntie Mary, her best friend’s mom. “She’s my second monther!”

Sydney, 10, likes R.J. She looks at him whenever she can.

Shakila, 12, likes Justin because he’s “fine.” She loves her mom because “she’s there for me.”

Sylvia, 10, likes Andrew and loves Matthew.

Samantha, 9, likes Hunter because he’s funny.

Scott, 11, likes Elizabeth. He shows her by saying ‘hi’ and “running away from her”

Sarah, 10, likes the actor Jeremy Sumpter, who appeared in “Peter Pan.”

Shauna, 10, likes Junior because he’s so cute!

Shaquilla, 13, likes her boyfriend, Josh. She loves Kaleb and Hampton.

Sadie, 7, likes Jordan. “He is always nice to me and he holds the door for me and he cheers me up when I’m sad!” She loves Mom, Obie, Vivian, Grampy, and her other family members. How does she show them? “Listening, caring, and loving them all with all my heart. That’s how!”

Steph, 11, likes the singer/actor Jesse McCartney because he’s cute.

Sabrina, 9, likes Cody “because I used to be best friends with him when I was little and I loved him then.”

Stephanie, 11, likes Alex because he’s cute. She loves her family because they love her, too.

Stephanie, 13, likes Bobby and loves Blake.

Samantha, 10, likes and loves Cody. She wrote him a letter and tells him jokes.

Sara, 14, likes Keven.

Saira, 12, likes and loves Ashley because he’s good looking.

Sarar, 9, likes Jo.

Syerra, 10, likes and loves Charles because he’s really funny and very cute.

Shannon, 10, likes Eddie because he’s cute.

Sam, 5, likes Heather and loves Jasmine. “She is so nice and cute.”

Sloan, 11, likes and loves Cayla.

Sadie, 9 going on 10, likes Max and loves Spencer. She shows she cares by “being myself.”

Sade, 11, likes Devontae because he’s nice and understanding. She loves Dwayne because he’s kind.

Sasan, 13, likes and loves Joshua, who is really sweet and cute. “I do care and will always.”

Steph, 11, loves her mum. “She loves me.”

Sam, 5, loves mom and dad

Shelby, 11, likes George but he does not know!

Syndney, 9, likes Nicholas because he’s “cute and dreamy!”

Sammy, 11, likes and loves Jennie.

Steph, 9, likes David because he’s nice and athletic. She stares at him every day!

Stephanie, 12, likes Allan. She says he has “the cutest voice.”

Shakara, 14, likes Vincent. “He’s nice and he always smiles at me.” She loves her mom and shows her by “saying I love her and she’s the best mom.”

Stefany, 10, likes Sarkis because he’s cute. She talks nicely to him.

Samantha, 15, likes Aaron because he is so fit and so cute.

Sydney, 10, likes Davon. She’s not sure why.

Samantha, 12, likes Michael because he’s cute.

Sherelle, 14, likes and loves Craig because he’s nice.

Suk-Lin, 12, likes Bobby because he’s nice and funny.

Samantha, 10, likes Robert. “He’s sooo cute and just like me.”

Shan, 10, likes and loves Ping because she’s pretty.

Sophie, 11, likes her friend Gemma. “I can share my secrets with her.” She loves Josh because he’s kind and sweet.

Sunnie, 11, likes and loves Courtney because he’s cute.

Shaira, 12, likes Angel. “Being there for him” is how she shows she cares.

Stephenie, 12, likes Moses. She visits him in his classes and hugs her. She loves her mom so she takes care of her.

Stacy, 13, likes Erin. He’s “very kind, nice, and thoughtful about me.”

Stacey, 10, likes Sarkis because he’s nice to her.

Sophie, 11, likes her friend Danielle. “She’s a fantastic best friend.” She loves James.

Stuart, 11, likes Tianna because she’s pretty.


Tom, 11, likes Megan. “I think she is wonderful and has the most beautiful smile. I love her.”

Tom, 11, likes Krista because she’s a chipmunk.

Tink, 10, loves Jamerson and likes Jordan. “I invited him to my party.”

Tilly, 10, likes someone “because he has nice manners and he is kind to others.”

T-MAC, 12, likes Inkey and loves Suze.

Tilly, 13, loves the actor Orlando Bloom.

Terrin, 9, likes Derek because he shows respect.

Tarsus, 7, likes Chandler because they have a good friendship. He like Madison because she is pretty.

Travis, 12, likes Patrisha. “Her glasses look beautiful on her.”

Taylor, 11, likes Collin because he’s cute.

Trisha, 11, likes Alex because he’s nice, cute, and funny. She holds his hand.

Taylor, 11, likes Cole and loves her mom and dad.

Tiana, 12, likes and loves Mitch. “He is really hot and nice.”

Tyshionna, 11, likes Donnel because he’s “fine.”

Tanner, 14, likes Morgan and loves Cassi.

Tatiana, 12, likes Jason and Roberto. “I hang out with them a lot and I try to be nice to them.”

Taylor, 11, likes Tommy because he’s nice, sweet, and hot.

Tynisha, 11, likes Derrick. She talks to him on the phone, emails him, and writes notes to him at school.

Tiffany, 12, likes Naresa and Dianne. “They treat me like I’m their sister.” She loves Davendra because he’s cute.

Tiffany, 12, likes her sister, Nikita. “She’s a really cool 14-year-old.” Tiffany loves Davendra because he’s cute and intelligent.

Taylor, 10, likes Grant because he’s nice, funny, and cute. She loves her whole family, parents, and grandparents!

Tara likes Andre and shows it by “giving words of encouragement (God bless you.)” She loves her big sister Ashlee.

Tyler, 14, likes Kelley. “She has always been there for me.”

Taylor, 11. likes Jason because he’s funny. She loves Tim. “He’s wonderful.”

Tania, 12, likes Rick because he’s cute. She loves Justin because she thinks they’d make a great couple.

Tabish, 9, likes Aviela. “I’ve not told her yet that I like her.” Tabish also loves his mom.

Tanairi, 11, likes and loves Ray. He’s caring and helpful.

Tina, 10, likes Joe. He’s smart, cute, and funny.

Taylor, 11, likes Ben because he has a good personality.

Taylor, 13, likes Shelby because she’s nice.

Torri likes Kaleb. She plays with him and “shows interest in whatever kind of boy stuff he likes, like Bionicles (Lego action figures).” She loves her family members, including her parents, even though she gets angry with them. Her sister Tiarra is special “because she does what I want her to do (sometimes).”

Taylor, 9, likes Tyler because he’s nice and cute. “We say ‘hi.’ “

Tiffany, 9, likes and loves Brandan. She thinks he’s sweet.

Tahj, 7, likes and loves Myeisha because she’s pretty and smart.

Tawanda, 16, likes her friends. “They are there for me when I need them most.” She loves her mom and dad because they take her places like Hawaii and Washington, D.C.

Taylor, 11, likes Aaron and Carl. She shows she cares by “talking to them and sometimes annoying them because it’s funny.”

Taylor, 11, likes Tre and loves Hector. She asked Hector to the school dance.

T.T., 12, loves D.D. a lot.

Terrb, 12, likes and loves Missy because he’s nice.

Temi, 14, likes Jennifer because she’s caring. She loves Christian who has the “cutest smile in the world.” She shows she cares by encouraging him with his football and supporting him.”

Thea, 10, likes Ben because he’s so funny and cute. She helps him in math.

Tyffanie, 9, loves Shayne. “He’s very kind and he’s sweet.”

Tyler, 12, likes Maddison. He likes that she is tall.

Tasha, 11, likes and loves Caid. She lets him borrow school supplies and hugs him every day.

Taylor, 8, likes Trey because he’s funny.


Uma, 10, likes Sajeeven. “He is handsome and very cute!”


Victoria, 10, likes H.

Vivian, 11, likes Dien and loves Clement. She shows them that she cares by being gentle and polite.

Victoria, 12, likes and loves Richie. “He’s funny, smart, and intelligent.”

Vicky, 14, likes and loves Paul. “He is very fit and friendly.”

Victoria, 10, likes Cameron because he’s nice. She is nice back to him. Victoria loves Allen because he’s cute.

Viktoria, 11, likes Aramar “because he doesn’t get into a lot of trouble at school like the other kids.”

Vicky, 10, likes Dale because he’s a good friend. She loves Rhys.

Viktoria, 11, loves her cousin Dale. “I love him because he sort of likes the same things I do.”

Vanessa, 10, likes James. She likes hanging out with him.

Vicki, 13, likes Zach and thinks he’s nice.

Vanessa, 11, likes and loves Michael because he’s cute and nice.

Vanessa, 12, likes and loves Evan. She shows she cares by being kind and respectful.


William, 9, likes Samantha because she’s nice.

Willina, 10, likes and loves David. “He comforts me.”

Whitney, 10, likes Johnny and loves Fernando. She flirts with them.

Walkiris, 12, likes Alex because he’s cute. She shows she cares by “loving him only.”



Yanni, 10 likes Ben. She’s going to give him a Valentine that says, “I love you.”


Zachary, 11, likes and loves Kelcie.

Zoe, 11, likes “her long lost love” – Jakey.

Zachary, 10, likes and loves Sara. “She’s cute.”

Zoe, 16, likes A.J. and loves Dexy. “We have been mates for 4 years and out with each other twice.”