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Pregnancy Calendar

Week 38

Your Baby’s Development

Your baby weighs about 6 pounds, 6 ounces (2,900 grams) by now and measures about 13.4 inches (34 cm) in length from crown to rump. Fat is still accumulating, although growth is slower now. You may notice that your weight gain has decreased or ceased.

Since your baby has had the muscles to suck and swallow amniotic fluid, waste material has been accumulating in his or her intestines. Cells shed from the intestines, dead skin cells, and lanugo hair are some of the waste products that contribute to meconium, a greenish-black substance that constitutes your baby’s first bowel movement.

If you’re having a boy, his testicles have descended into the scrotum, unless he has a condition called undescended testicle. If you’re having a girl, the labia are now completely developed.

Week 38

Your Body

Because your baby is engaged in your pelvis, your bladder is extremely compressed, making frequent bathroom trips a necessity.

Have you and your partner made a decision about circumcision? Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin of the penis in male babies. For some parents the decision to circumcise is a religious one. For others, the choice is not as easily made. Talk to your health care provider about the issues surrounding circumcision, including pain relief options for the baby.

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