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When Can I Go to the Mall With Friends?

When can I go to the mall with my friends?

Once you’ve gone to the movies without any grownups, you might be interested in going to the mall. This is a little different, though. The movie theater is one big building and your parents know where you’ll be: sitting in the theater for a couple hours. The mall is a bigger, more open environment, and your parents might be a little more cautious about letting you go unsupervised until you’re 12 or 13. Even then, you need to be careful.

Stick with your friends, don’t leave the mall, and don’t wander off with people you don’t know. Be sure you know which entrance you came in and where you’re being picked up. It can get really confusing. Big stores often have several entrances — so know which one you need. Is it the one by the shoes or by the men’s clothes — or maybe the one near the kitchen stuff on the upper level? As always, keep in touch with your mom or dad by phone.

Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD
Date reviewed: June 2013