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Lab Test Dictionary

Acylglycines, Quantitative, Urine (AGU20)


Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Stable Isotope Dilution Analysis

Specimen Type

Urine, Random

Performing Lab

Mayo Medical Lab

Epic ID


Lab Test Days

Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 8 A.M.

Standard TAT

5-14 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

4-10 mL Random Urine

Container Type

Sterile Container

Collection Instructions

No preservative

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp: Unacceptable; Refrigerated: 9 Days; Frozen: 416 Days (Preferred)

Test Volume Required

10 mL Random Urine

Minimum Test Volume

4 mL Random Urine

Processing Instructions

Order in Mayolink and send with Mayo courier Monday-Friday.

Included Tests

Ethylmalonic acid, 2-Methylsuccinic acid, Glutaric acid, Isobutyrylgycine, n-Butyrylgycine, 2-Methlbutyrylglycine, Isovalerylglycine, n-Hexanolgycine, n-Octanoylglycine, 3-Phenylpropionylglycine, Suberylglycine, trans-Cinnamoylglycine, Dodecanedioic acid, Tetradecanedioic acid and Hexadecanedioic acid.

CPT Codes



07-25-19, 8/31/23 updated MML test code