For Exhibitors and Meeting Coordinators

Exhibitors receive the following benefits:

  1. One six (6) foot table top exhibit.
  2. complimentary registration(s) for representatives
  3. One (1) complimentary course syllabus


Steps for CME Meeting Coordinators

  1. Contact the CME Department to discuss CME meeting planning process and apply for CME Certification (See “Steps for Meeting Coordinators” document for specifics on applying for and putting on a CME certified meeting.)
  2. If applying for Industry Grants or using Industry Exhibitors for your meeting – specific regulations apply.
  3. Once meeting is approved by the CME Committee, finalize your promotional materials.
  4. Prepare meeting materials and CME documents.
  5. Conduct your CME certified meeting
  6. Submit CME paperwork to the CME Department.