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Meetings and Schedules

Rady Children’s holds one IRB meeting on the third Thursday of each month. Click here for the 2013-14 IRB Deadlines and Meeting Dates.

After the IRB meeting, the Office of Human Subjects Research will process the new study materials. Within one week after the meeting, you will be sent a letter telling you of the IRB’s decision.

The IRB will notify you that your study has been:

  • Approved
  • Approved with changes
  • Disapproved
  • Tabled for further discussion or information

The IRB’s letter will give you the approval status and discuss any issues. If there were consent changes requested, you will be notified what the changes are and what you need to do.

If the study was tabled for further clarification, discussion, issue resolution or other information, you will be told what you need to provide for the IRB to review and when you will need to get it in to the IRB Office.

If your study was disapproved, you will be told the reason or reasons why. If the study may be eligible for approval based on proposed changes, you may make those changes and resubmit the study for IRB review. If you disagree with the disapproval decision, you may discuss the issue with the IRB Chair or follow the appeal process outline in the IRB Policies and Procedures Manual.