What’s Going On in Your TCPi Community?

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Coming Soon: Huddles in Action!

Our TCPi partner, North County Health Services (NCHS), recently worked with the TCPi Team to film an educational how-to video called Huddles in Action.

The film takes place at NCHS and features Dr. Kenneth Morris, Associate Medical Director and Pediatrics Clinic Director for NCHS, as well as his Care Team. NCHS huddles as part of their daily routine to help teams to stay informed, review needs for the day, and work together efficiently to deliver care. The film will be released shortly to our TCPi community!

TCPi Clinical Guidelines Being Built into EMRs!

The TCPi Team is working with practices to build the six Clinical Guidelines (Bronchiolitis, Asthma, Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Acute Gastroenteritis, Headache and Acne) into EMR systems to allow practices to easily access best practices. Vista Community Clinic is piloting the process, and we are working to hire an EMR expert to help build the clinical guidelines for affiliate practices.

If you are interested in integrating the six conditions into your EMR system, please reach out to your TCPi Team.