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Your TCPi Team

For any questions or comments, please reach out to your TCPi contact for assistance.

TCPi Team Member Title Phone Number Email Address
Charles B. Davis, M.D. Senior Vice President & Physician Leader for Care Redesign & Managed Care, RCHSD
Chief Operating Officer, RCSSD
Whitney C. Edwards, M.D. CPMG Senior Medical Director
TCPi Medical Director
Thomas Page, M.D. Chairman of the Board, CPMG
Director, RCHN Clinical Integration
Patrick Tellez, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.H.A. Chief Medical Officer, North County Health Services
TCPi Medical Director
Fiona Deitrick Director, Information Technology, RCPMS 858-966-4990
Domonique Hensler, M.H.A. Director, Care Redesign, RCHSD & Network 858-966-4990
Donna Donoghue Director, Ambulatory Care Redesign 858-966-4990
Wanda Koreski, CMPE Director, Network Operations 858-966-4990
Michelle Kantor, M.H.A. TCPi Quality Improvement Advisor 858-966-4975
Jenna Pollak, M.P.H. TCPi Quality Improvement Advisor 858-966-4964
Dani Staub, M.P.H. TCPi Quality Improvement Advisor 858-966-4938
Meredith Lakes Department Assistant 858-966-4990