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Transforming Mental Health Initiative

Provider Training Resources

Toolkit for pediatricians who want to set up Primary Care Mental Health Integration 

A goal of the Rady Children’s Transforming Mental Health Initiative is to share and spread this model to other pediatric institutions.

Why integrate mental and behavioral health into primary care?

Explore the links below to learn how including mental and behavioral care in the primary care setting can lead to better outcomes.

  • Importance of Mental Health Integration
  • Introduction to Primary Care and Behavioral Health Integration: Video; by Domonique Hensler, MHA, Director of Care Redesign Planning, and Benjamin Maxwell, M.D., Medical Director of Inpatient Psychiatry and Interim Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego
  • Behavioral & Mental Health in Primary Care Pediatrics: What Is Our Why? Presentation | Presentation Video; by: Hilary M. Bowers, M.D., FAAP, Director of Behavioral and Mental Health Services, Children’s Primary Care Medical Group
  • Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health: Let’s Boldly Go! Presentation | Video; by Jeffrey Leichter Ph.D., LP; Licensed Psychologist and Lead Administrator of  Behavioral Health Integration, Enterprise Clinic Services at Sanford Health
  • Mental Health Integration: From Process to Practice: Presentation | Video; by Travis Mickelson, M.D., Medical Director of Mental Health Integration at Intermountain Health Care, and Roland Dimick, MD, Pediatrician at Memorial Clinic

How to incorporate mental and behavioral health into primary care

Below are materials for providers or health care administrators interested in pursuing this model of care.

Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Model

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Learn more about PCMHI at Rady Children’s

Additional Resources

These PDFs contain resources and handouts for pediatricians, families and youth that may be helpful to incorporate behavioral health into primary care.

Integrated Health Topics Training Presentations 

The TMH Initiative offers integrated health topic presentations and discussions to open dialogue on mental health needs seen within the primary care setting. These Integrated Health Topic training sessions are part of a presentation series that discusses various mental health topics as it relates to primary care. These presentations are recorded and can be accessed below. Previous presentations have focused on anxiety and depression treatment, substance abuse in youth, audio hallucinations in youth and more. This series will include future presentation trainings on a variety of mental health topics that will continue to be uploaded on this site. 

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Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Model