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Medical Practice Foundation Nurses Luncheon

people at event

May 8, 2019 — There’s always a reason to celebrate the more than 1,800 nurses within our Rady Children’s family, and Nurses Week serves as an additional opportunity to recognize these extraordinary health care professionals. So, today’s visit with some of our Rady Children’s Specialists of San Diego nurses had excellent timing.

Signatures representing favorite initiatives

This group hosts regular team lunch events, and I was invited to drop in for a giant Rubio’s buffet (yum) and get acquainted with the approximately 45 attendees. They had proudly displayed information on their many accomplishments and accolades around the room, so we had plenty to discuss between bites of burritos. I also loved that the nurses had the chance to sign their names on the boards that related to initiatives they were involved in — what a cool personal touch.

Through the boards, I learned that this is a busy bunch! Besides their “day jobs” serving patient families across 36 specialties, these nurses are researchers, thought leaders, educators and active members of their communities. For example, many volunteer at medical camps, such as Camp Reach for the Sky, which hosts children with or whose lives have been influenced by cancer, and The Painted Turtle Camp, which is for children with life-threatening or long-term conditions. They also provide medical support at school and community events, work with scout troops, and volunteer with nonprofit organizations such as Fresh Start. In addition, they support patients and their loved ones outside the clinic by teaching classes covering important health care needs, including catheterization, feeding and staying healthy with diabetes when away from home.

I very much enjoyed connecting with some of our Rady Children’s specialists nurses

I was also able to see Tami, who works with urology patients, receive recognition for her recent Nurses of Excellence nomination! It was heartwarming to hear about how well she connects with patients and caregivers, remembers them as though she sees them daily, and provides excellent care and support. Bravo, Tami!

Because the nurse attendees represent so many areas across our organization, my stamps will come with individual visits down the line. However, put this on the record as an informative, fun and enjoyable visit with some very hardworking ladies and gentlemen. One of the earliest things I learned in my medical career was how integral nurses are to a high-quality, patient-focused health care experience, and any occasion to honor them is one I’m proud to be a part of. Thank you for all you do, Rady Children’s Specialists nursing team!