Meeting with the house supervisors

Checking out the latest addition to my stamp collection

The "air traffic controller" stamp

Meeting with the MBU team

Participating in the mindfulness exercise

Learning about the unit from Walter Kaye, MD, director of the eating disorders programs at Rady Children’s and UC San Diego

Checking out my latest passport stamp

The Palomar NICU team

Receiving a warm welcome and a cold beverage

The entrance to the NICU

Getting in position to catch a ring

I eventually caught them all!

Meeting Larissa during one of her strolls through the Bernardy Center hallways

Getting a high five from Lucas

Learning about the Safety Coach program

My latest stamp with a great photo!

A golden greeting from members of the PICU team

Angelina playing the role of a trauma victim

A golden celebration for the PICU's Beacon Award

PICU team members at the AACN Critical Care Expo

Sporting my new Beacon Award pin

The CHET team

Heading out in the CHET Kid Ambulance

Riding with Tim in the ambulance (Note: not a real baby)

Inside the CHET airplane

Sporting my CHET team swag and gift with Shelby and Tim

The Facilities Planning and Development team

Learning about the team over coffee and burritos

Getting my latest Passport stamp

With a miniature bulldozer and my new hardhat!

Testing concepts for the office of the future

Paying tribute to some of Rady Children's wonderful nurses

Signatures representing favorite initiatives

I very much enjoyed connecting with some of our Rady Children's specialists nurses

Having fun with Team Compliance

I'll take "The Dirt" for $400, Alex

Reading my new mug's important message

Member of the Clinical Nutrition team for the afternoon!

My first order of business: beat the team’s “escape room” challenge

Seeing a familiar face as I met my first challenge made it feel less daunting. Go Gators!

Cracking the parenteral nutrition code

I beat Malnutrition Mania!

Our delicious and nutritious lunch

Vanessa helping make my visit official

Experiencing the Peckham Center’s team spirit

Can you spot Chile’s flag? I always say it looks very similar to Texas’.

The Wheel of Peckham Center was a great educational tool

Xochitl helped make sure my passport was properly updated

Learning along with members of the CVICU team

Testing my knowledge with CVICU "Jeopardy"

Observing a mock code

Love the T-shirt!

Passport stamped and ready for the next visit

Surgical Registration and Inpatient Admitting teams

Learning about surgical registration from the experts

Sporting my new Rady Children's baseball cap

We're all an important piece of the puzzle

A "Token of Appreciation"

The Financial Counseling team

Learning about the important services Financial Counseling provides

With my "key to financial success"

The latest addition to my passport

Testing hyperinflation bags on a pig lung

Practicing nasal intubation

Great tie!

Members of the Respiratory Care team

RTs in action during a mock code with a simulation doll

Caught red-handed in the candy storage room!

Hanging out with night shift team members

Enjoying the empanadas!

In the well-organized store room

Children's Care Connection (C3) team

Singing "The Hello Song"

Answering the beach ball questions

Trying my hand at "The Fish Game"

Inspired artwork

Developmental Services Outcomes and Analysts team

Unique way to learn about the team!

Screening tools and resources for parents

Assembling the puzzle

The latest stamp to add to my collection!

Marketing & Communications and Business Development

Participating in an impromptu press conference

Learning about the "MarComm" team

Getting my unique passport stamp

All aboard with "Conductor Korn"

Seeing the setup for a community event

With the superhero customer service team

My first California burrito!

The Alexa's PLAYC and Autism Discovery Institute teams

Traveling back to 1995

Receiving my souvenir collection bag

Learning about the Toddler School

2010 marked the opening of Alexa's PLAYC and the ADI

Awesome artwork created by kids!

Into the ball pit!

Supply Chain Management Team Members

The Bokstaka banner and Idol

Clinical Equipment Distribution

Finding my mailbox!

In Central Stores with Ruth Felix

The Receiving team

In the Surgical Services inventory room

Riding with Romie

With the SCM team. Thanks for the awesome Padres jersey!

Information Services team members

Watching the presentation from my "first class" seat

More members of Information Services

Getting my stamps and my new T-shirt

Loved the cupcakes!