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Photo Gallery

Emergency department and urgent care patient access representatives

Our urgent care MVPs on display

Fun photos of the ED team

Checking out my awesome signed shirt

Members of the CAPS team

Performing a simulated safety check

Checking out a patient room

Chatting with team members in the break room

Members of the trauma services team

My first passport stamp of 2020

The trauma team in action – with me as the patient!

Dr. Ignacio checking for broken bones

The talented team that saved me

Members of the behavioral health services team

Some of the dynamic members of the outpatient psychiatry team

Fun and games with Sandra Mueller

The winning team!

Members of the laboratory and pathology teams

Dr. Newbury shows me the electron microscope

Learning about the impressive technology

Congratulating May on her 30 years at Rady Children’s

Checking out the Rad Source blood irradiator

Taking a peek inside a machine that monitors blood cultures

Members of the surgical services, sterile processing and PACU teams

Checking out the Kelp Cam!

Smelling the options for my anesthesia “flavor”

A wild ride on the way to surgery!

Learning about sterile processing from Gary Johnson

Members of the Education and Professional Development team

Enjoying some delicious food as I met the team

Checking out the IV arm simulators

Listening to the newborn sim baby’s heart

Experiencing virtual reality

Members of the Clinical Information Systems team

Warming up for a spirited game of “Jeopardy!”

Saying a few words to this talented group

A new stamp for the collection

Members of Rady Children’s Heart Institute

Breakfast is served!

A sampling of Heart Institute research presentations

Chatting with my cardiology colleagues

Group gathering with Team CASRC

Just one of many thoroughfares on the Pathway of Partners

Joining the research group roundtable

Allie and colleague Kassy Martinez discussing their CASRC training experience

Members of the radiology team

Christina Lindsay presents the radiology stamp

The drawing of me in CT!

Two of our nuclear medicine imagining techs explain how they keep our patients entertained during procedures

The festive scheduling/authorization office

Check out the witch pretzel fingers!

Members of the Center for Healthy Sleep team

Touring one of the sleep rooms

Testing our knowledge with a game of Sleep Trivia

Collecting my latest passport stamp

The Center for Healthy Sleep team

Members of the Pharmacy Services team

Learning about the duties of pharmacy technicians

Chatting with the investigational drug service team

Loading an anesthesia tray into a machine that automatically scans the tray’s contents

All smiles with the telephone triage team

Show time!

Officially stamped

Members of the Infection Control team

Keeping things sanitary with the infection control team

This tie is loaded with bacteria :)

Team members suited up for an Ebola simulation

Members of the Case Management team

A visual example of how case managers work with many entities to coordinate care

Adding a new stamp to my growing collection

Members of the EEG team

Chatting with the team after finishing off a delicious barbecue lunch

Another cool stamp for the passport!

Members of the Biomedical Engineering team

Meeting team members in the Bio-Med parts room

Talking with Mike Heim in the main shop

A Giraffe Omnibed waiting to be sent to its new NICU home

Members of the Polinsky Children's Center team

Looking through the photo album at intake

The peaceful grounds of the Polinsky Center

One of the toddler rooms

Taking the prize in the MPF Revenue Cycle Amazing Race

MPF Revenue Cycle leaders

Charge Review Coral Reef

Claim Edit Sandy Beach Island

Credentialing Discovery Cove

No Response Mystery Island

Denial Shipwreck Island

Tiki Trainer Landing

Cheers to reaching the end of my challenging journey!

Feeling right at home at “The Ranch”

Group picnic time!

With the resident artist herself

An example of what each Rancho Springs NICU family gets for their little ones, made just for me

A bright welcome from Murrieta’s Developmental Services team

Getting the lowdown on Healthy Steps

Finding out what the obstacle course had in store for me

A fun welcome at Alexa’s PLAYC!

The audiology team

Going for a spin in the balance lab

Listening closely during my hearing test

Some of the cool cochlear implant covers

With my signed Dr. Seuss book

The physical therapy team

This team had some moves!

Tackling the obstacle course

Embracing my inner athlete

The Speech-Language Pathology team

A colorful mural is the highlight of the Songs & Stories Room

Thought bubbles help kids communicate

Learning how to sign the word “candy”

Simulating hearing loss with earplugs and headphones

The HomeCare team

Taking “Sam” on my journey through HomeCare

Checking out the recently expanded warehouse

Getting to know the team that provides in-home clinical services

Research Administration

Loading up my cart for a day in the life of a research coordinator

Hearing from our dedicated research coordinators

Thanks for the Gator gear!

Congratulating Christine Moran on a job well done

The Foundation team

Beginning my philanthropic journey

Looking at my personalized information sheet

Dropping in on Auxiliary leaders

Signing a gift agreement

My surprise stewardship event!

The Health Services building renamed in my honor

The social work and child life teams

Getting a glimpse into the life of a social worker

The child life team with the tools of their trade

A plush bone with blood cells helps educate cancer patients

The funny but effective mood-sensing AFLAC duck

An example of a social story viewed on an iPad

The team that supports dialysis, transplant, infusion and Synagis

Testing my knowledge with a “Jeopardy”-style quiz

Custom cookies after the quiz

Team members contribute their signatures to my passport

Visiting with NICU team members

Starting the visit right with coffee and breakfast treats

Linda Black tells me about her G-tube education efforts

Visiting with team members in the Nelson NICU

Diaper pong? Maybe next time!

All smiles with the medical unit team

This hammerhead shark gets along swimmingly with his port

A great poster covering an extremely important topic, with bonus points for a clever title

The team from 3 East Surgical

In the treatment room

Getting an introduction to Rover

Taking a break in the relaxation room

Enjoying churros and chips and getting my own bottle of orange oil!

The environmental services crew

A spirited welcome from EVS team members

Hearing from the passionate members of the EVS team

Checking out some of the tools of the trade

Meeting members of the EVS surgical services crew

Calling out the winning numbers

The Scripps La Jolla NICU team

Surf's up with the NICU team

With Janet Wirt and my latest passport stamp

Learning about different cultural traditions

Ready for the surf with my signed boogie board

Members of the KidSTART team

A warm welcome from the KidSTART crew

Meeting with the triage team

Learning about innovative treatment strategies

Checking out my Dr. Seuss-themed book about KidSTART

Members of the DEC team

Learning about the Bayley Scale test for toddlers

Participating in the ADOS-2 assessment

Testing my brainpower with the D-KEFS assessment

Quality time with a quality team!

Our extra guests at the picnic (don’t worry — they weren’t real)

Pointing out QM’s wins in cardiac arrest prevention

QM scrubs made just for me!

The team from the Scripps Mercy NICU

Team members when they were babies

Meeting the team

With my NICU tour guide Dr. Riad Mardoum

The finance and industrial engineers team

Some of the tempting treats

The roulette wheel of projects

The downward trend illustrates impressive work in reducing appointment wait times.

The Finance and Industrial Engineering team

The friendly faces of the DSEP team

Filling my invisible backpack

Learning about the positive effects of infant massage

Stamp in and hats on!

Inpatient Developmental Services team

Finding a way to communicate with a photo board

Tying a shoelace one-handed

Looking through my memory book

The inpatient hematology/oncology team

Emily stamps my passport before takeoff

Watching the in-flight movie

The Good Catch Dog

The bed time cart

Reading some kudos to team members

Sporting my new jacket!

The occupational therapy team

Receiving my first-class boarding pass from Captain Marta

Julia and the thera-putty both put my fine motor skills to the test

Learning about sensory-developing activities from Angela

Let’s give Denise a hand for her fantastic splint-crafting skills

Play with my food? If you say so …

The health information management team

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Hopscotch at the wheel of the HIM Express

My stop at Coding World

One of the messages on my handmade lei

Part of the community!

Learning the GA ropes with Barbara

Tote-ally support the California Newborn Screening Program

Building a bridge to healthier communities

I’m now an official Communityville visitor

The spirited human resources team

A fortune teller grands me tickets to the carnival

Getting some canine therapy

Trying my hand at the Benefits Balloon Pop

Keeping my eye on the target in the recruitment bean bag toss

With the colorful HR specialists team

Reeling in a duck at the information services duck pond

Spinning the wheel with the HR partners

Bowling for benefits with the CSSD team

Keeping my eye on the ball

Cashing in my tickets

With members of the security team

Getting the full security check

Sporting one of my new security patches

Enjoying burritos and chips while I learn about the important work the security team does every day

A quintessential San Diego day with the ED team

I could get used to this!

I had a great group helping me out during Heads Up

Going for the gold at the team relay

The ED team: Saving lives and excelling in calligraphy

Just a sample of the cool gear I was gifted

Fitting in with the Chadwick team

Learning about forensic interviewing from expert Sheri

Elizabeth offered a great rundown of traumatic stress intervention

An inspiring overview of the Kids and Teens in Court program

Stamped and ready for a post-visit burrito

The POM team

Meeting members of this talented crew

Sporting my new tool belt and hat

The team signing my passport -- the first group to have this idea!

Thanks a million, UPR and DM!

Getting acquainted with Snowball

Geared up with the CAU squad

An inspired representation of the PFS government team's global reach

"Welcome to Copleyland"

With some of the spirited members of central scheduling

A section of the "Central Scheduling International Airport" tote board

Inside one of the terminals

The row with tiki torches and a vacation theme!

Sitting in on a call with Melissa

Speaking to members of the MPF Central Authorizations Unit

Setting out on my journey with my trail guide, Angela

Stopping at an outpost

With my referral, signed by the team!

The IT infrastructure team

Learning about the vital services provided by IT infrastructure

Inside the data center

Checking out the server room with Joseph Ambrose

The team at Scripps Encinitas NICU

Fun and festive homemade desserts

Meeting the team

Touring the unit with Jane O'Donnell, MD

The team at Scripps Chula Vista NICU

Meeting the team

The "teamwork" footprint

Touring the NICU

Members of the MPF Regional Satellite Staff

One of the custom postcards

A closer look at some great comments from parents

With the Murrieta team

Members of the Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine team

With "baby Janet"

Learning about how DNA is extracted from the blood sample

Learning how clinical analysts drill down into the data to identify a potential diagnosis

Members of the Medical Practice Foundation support staff

Another stamp for the collection!

Reading a question from the question ball

Members of the transport and information desk teams

With Dagoberto Lopez and my latest passport stamp

Sporting my custom scrubs

A closer look at the creative passport stamp

Meeting with the house supervisors

Checking out the latest addition to my stamp collection

The "air traffic controller" stamp

Meeting with the MBU team

Participating in the mindfulness exercise

Learning about the unit from Walter Kaye, MD, director of the eating disorders programs at Rady Children’s and UC San Diego

Checking out my latest passport stamp

The Palomar NICU team

Receiving a warm welcome and a cold beverage

The entrance to the NICU

Getting in position to catch a ring

I eventually caught them all!

Meeting Larissa during one of her strolls through the Bernardy Center hallways

Getting a high five from Lucas

Learning about the Safety Coach program

My latest stamp with a great photo!

A golden greeting from members of the PICU team

Angelina playing the role of a trauma victim

A golden celebration for the PICU's Beacon Award

PICU team members at the AACN Critical Care Expo

Sporting my new Beacon Award pin

The CHET team

Heading out in the CHET Kid Ambulance

Riding with Tim in the ambulance (Note: not a real baby)

Inside the CHET airplane

Sporting my CHET team swag and gift with Shelby and Tim

The Facilities Planning and Development team

Learning about the team over coffee and burritos

Getting my latest Passport stamp

With a miniature bulldozer and my new hardhat!

Testing concepts for the office of the future

Paying tribute to some of Rady Children's wonderful nurses

Signatures representing favorite initiatives

I very much enjoyed connecting with some of our Rady Children's specialists nurses

Having fun with Team Compliance

I'll take "The Dirt" for $400, Alex

Reading my new mug's important message

Member of the Clinical Nutrition team for the afternoon!

My first order of business: beat the team’s “escape room” challenge

Seeing a familiar face as I met my first challenge made it feel less daunting. Go Gators!

Cracking the parenteral nutrition code

I beat Malnutrition Mania!

Our delicious and nutritious lunch

Vanessa helping make my visit official

Experiencing the Peckham Center’s team spirit

Can you spot Chile’s flag? I always say it looks very similar to Texas’.

The Wheel of Peckham Center was a great educational tool

Xochitl helped make sure my passport was properly updated

Learning along with members of the CVICU team

Testing my knowledge with CVICU "Jeopardy"

Observing a mock code

Love the T-shirt!

Passport stamped and ready for the next visit

Surgical Registration and Inpatient Admitting teams

Learning about surgical registration from the experts

Sporting my new Rady Children's baseball cap

We're all an important piece of the puzzle

A "Token of Appreciation"

The Financial Counseling team

Learning about the important services Financial Counseling provides

With my "key to financial success"

The latest addition to my passport

Members of the Respiratory Care team

RTs in action during a mock code with a simulation doll

Testing hyperinflation bags on a pig lung

Practicing nasal intubation

Great tie!

Caught red-handed in the candy storage room!

Hanging out with night shift team members

Enjoying the empanadas!

In the well-organized store room

Children's Care Connection (C3) team

Singing "The Hello Song"

Answering the beach ball questions

Trying my hand at "The Fish Game"

Inspired artwork

Developmental Services Outcomes and Analysts team

Unique way to learn about the team!

Screening tools and resources for parents

Assembling the puzzle

The latest stamp to add to my collection!

Participating in an impromptu press conference

Learning about the "MarComm" team

Getting my unique passport stamp

All aboard with "Conductor Korn"

Seeing the setup for a community event

With the superhero customer service team

My first California burrito!

Marketing & Communications and Business Development

The Alexa's PLAYC and Autism Discovery Institute teams

Traveling back to 1995

Receiving my souvenir collection bag

Learning about the Toddler School

2010 marked the opening of Alexa's PLAYC and the ADI

Awesome artwork created by kids!

Into the ball pit!

Supply Chain Management Team Members

The Bokstaka banner and Idol

Clinical Equipment Distribution

Finding my mailbox!

In Central Stores with Ruth Felix

The Receiving team

In the Surgical Services inventory room

Riding with Romie

With the SCM team. Thanks for the awesome Padres jersey!

Information Services team members

Watching the presentation from my "first class" seat

More members of Information Services

Getting my stamps and my new T-shirt

Loved the cupcakes!