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Surgical Registration and Inpatient Admitting

Surgical Registration and Inpatient Admitting teams

April 5, 2019 — The two talented teams I visited today, Surgical Registration and Inpatient Admitting, have one important thing in common: they help parents navigate through the stressors surrounding their child’s Hospital admission or surgery.

Learning about surgical registration from the experts

The Surgical Registration team welcomes parents to the Warren Family Surgical Center in the Acute Care Pavilion and the Outpatient Procedure Center in the Hahn Pavilion, where they can ask questions; seek help on insurance details; and fill out paperwork such as Coordination of Benefits, Charge on Administration and photo consents step by step.

Sporting my new Rady Children’s baseball cap

Two members of this team, sisters Rosa and Rita, have many years of experience to draw from: Rosa has been with Rady Children’s for 38 years and Rita has been here for 36 years!  Complete with representatives Daisy and Gina, this team registers between 60 and 100 children every day. Each contributor clearly knows the value of making an excellent first impression, considering their Quality of Care scorecard has them ranked among the top five units at Rady Children’s, including satellite locations.

This team certainly made a good impression with me!  I loved the Rady Children’s baseball cap they presented to me and thoroughly enjoyed their beach- and mermaid-inspired presentation. They certainly are living up to their personal mission of providing excellent service and care.

Next up was Inpatient Admitting, another busy team that works closely with patients and their families.  Much like surgical registration, for this team, it’s not only about providing information and helping parents fill out consent forms. They also offer comfort and reassurance during what can be a difficult time.  testing

They presented me with some great gifts, including a puzzle piece pin in celebration of Patient Access Week that says, “I am a vital piece of our success” and a “Token of Appreciation” coin that is passed from person to person as a way to say thanks and give recognition. What a great idea!

We’re all an important piece of the puzzle

A “Token of Appreciation”

This team also developed their own mission statement: “Providing knowledge and empathy by being respectful, caring and taking pride in our work.” This sentiment not only perfectly captures what they do, but also reflects the deep connection they have to Rady Children’s. Thanks for a great visit!