Going Home

Your doctors and nurses will keep you informed of the plans for discharge from Rady Children’s. The expected date of discharge is usually decided a few days before the day of discharge. We encourage you to prepare for the discharge by learning about any new medications your child will need, any new home equipment that will be set up and anything else that will help you care for your child at home. Your child’s doctor, nurse and case manager will help you prepare to go home.

The Day Your Child Can Go Home

Your child’s doctor or nurse will contact you to tell you that your child is ready to go home that day. You need to be at your child’s bedside for most of the day to speak with your child’s doctors and nurses to review important home care needs.

If your child needs any medications, the orders will be sent to the Rady Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy. Your nurse will let you know when the medications are ready to be picked up at the Outpatient Pharmacy. Let your doctor know if you would like the prescriptions filled at another pharmacy, before the day of discharge.

Make sure you understand how to use any new home care equipment required for your child’s care. Your nurse will go over the discharge instructions from your child’s doctor.

Instructions from your child’s doctor will include:

  • Your child’s diet
  • When to call the doctor and which doctor to call
  • Follow-up appointments that have been made or need to be made
  • A list of your child’s medications and when and how to give them
  • Any special instructions that are needed to keep your child healthy

Note: If your child is younger than 8 years old and under 4’9” tall, a car seat or booster seat positioned in the back seat is required by law to take your child home. Let your nurse know if you will need assistance to obtain one.