Surgical Precautions

We take special care to ensure the safety of patients who are about to have a surgical procedure:

  • Staff will check your child’s identification wristband and ask the same questions many times. These questions may include name, date of birth, kind of surgery being performed and where on the body the surgery is to be performed.
  • A healthcare professional will mark the spot on the patient’s body that is to be operated on. Please make sure the correct spot has been marked and nowhere else. This helps avoid confusion and mistakes.
  • Depending on the type of surgery, your child may be given antibiotics before and/or after surgery. Your child’s incision will be examined frequently, and the dressing changed as appropriate. You will be provided with instructions about how to care for their incision while it is healing.

After surgery, ask about the care your child will need at home. Obtain written instructions. Be sure to have the names and phone numbers of people to call if you have questions or in case of an emergency.