About Us

PLAYC - About UsThe philosophy of the Rady Children’s Playful Learning Academy for Young Children (Alexa’s PLAYC) is based on the belief that each child is a worthy individual endowed with unique capabilities and talents. A warm, loving environment, combined with well-trained and creative staff, stimulates a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Our program strives to provide a unique learning environment for all children, including those with or at risk for an autism spectrum disorder. Through their interactions, we have the opportunity to instill acceptance of individual differences from an early age.

  • We believe in a developmental learning philosophy in which learning is encouraged through play. Within the program’s daily schedule, each child has the opportunity to create, explore and learn problem-solving, social interaction and critical-thinking skills through self-initiated and teacher-supported activities.
  • We believe parents are the most important adults in a child’s life and work to strengthen those relationships. Our program is intended to reduce stress for parents by encouraging them to become an integral part of our program. Together we can provide positive experiences for young children.
  • We provide a world that is child-oriented and planned, so children can develop at a rate meeting their individual needs.
  • We teach children to understand and accept each other and to resolve difficulties without feelings of anxiety or guilt. We develop each child’s positive self-concept through an environment designed to foster a sense of independence and responsibility.
  • We provide an environment where the physical health and well-being of children are promoted and protected.

As our team is the heart and soul of our philosophy, we employ and retain the best teachers in the field. We also support them with the necessary training and encourage them to continue to grow professionally.

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