Alexas PLAYC toddlers

Full-day enrollment (9.5 hours) is required for most classrooms, Monday-Friday, with the option of extended hours at an additional fee. Some limited part-time enrollment is available. All children receive a developmental screening prior to enrollment to ensure appropriate placement. Please see our list of foundational skills for children.

For toddler-aged children who are at risk for an autism spectrum disorder:

Toddler-aged children with or at risk for an autism spectrum disorder attend Alexa’s PLAYC for a morning (8:30 a.m-noon) or afternoon session (2-5:30 p.m.), five days a week. The program also includes a parent training component. Please see our list of foundational skills that all toddlers should have coming into the Alexa’s PLAYC program. These skills help ensure the child will be successful in our inclusion setting.

Toddler-aged children may access Alexa’s PLAYC through the following options:

  1. California Early Start is a program offered through the California Regional Center. The toddler classrooms at Alexa’s PLAYC provide specialized instruction, which fulfills each child’s individual family service plan. An interdisciplinary team of experts develops goals and curriculum; goals include improved lanugage skills, social interaction and self-care skills. A nuturing, supportive environment enhances learning, and our teachers are trained in a variety of approaches to facilitate the development of young children with autism. To find out if your child is eligible to attend Alexa’s PLAYC, please contact your regional center service coordinator.
  2. Private insurance plans may cover Alexa’s PLAYC tuition for children with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, depending on your individual plan and coverage for autism specific ABA services. If your child is scheduled for a screening at Alexa’s PLAYC, we will work with you to determine whether or not our program is a covered benefit under your specific insurance plan.
  3. Alexa’s PLAYC is also availabled on a fee-for-service basis to children throughout San Diego County who are ready for the inclusion setting. Please contact us directly for more information on current fees and availability.