Alexa’s PLAYC Preschool Classrooms

Alexas PLAYC preschoolAlexa’s PLAYC offers preschool classrooms that teach developmentally appropriate communication, cognitive skills and social skills.

The daily schedule provides activities that include indoor/outdoor play, quiet and active times, and projects that enhance large muscle/small muscle development. The curriculum helps children build social and self-help skills, while advancing their physical, creative and intellectual development.

The program is based on the philosophy that children learn best when they are having fun, so our teachers are specially trained to use the children’s natural interests in their environment as teaching opportunities. Additionally, our low child-to-teacher ratio of one teacher to seven children with a maximum of 20 per class, including four to five children with an autism spectrum disorder, allows us to meet the individual needs of each child in the program.

Our research has shown that even the most advanced children benefit from learning settings that include children of different ability levels — by gaining social skills and a better understanding of individual differences.

The trained staff of teachers, program psychologist and behavior specialist focuses on each child’s safety and overall development, giving parents peace of mind when they drop off their children.

Admission is open to children ages 3 through 5. Children attend the program for the full day; those with autism spectrum disorders attend either a morning or afternoon session. All children will receive a developmental screening with the program psychologist prior to enrollment to ensure appropriate placement. Please see our list of foundational skills that all children should have coming into the Alexa’s PLAYC program. These skills help ensure the child will be successful in our inclusion setting.

For more information, please contact us at 858-966-8555. For a list of tour times, please see our upcoming Events and Tours.