Audiology (Hearing)

Music and Literacy Program

The Music and Literacy Program was designed to provide children with the opportunity to read, create, imagine, sing, dance and learn to help them reach their full potential.

Incorporating music and literacy into group and individual therapy will provide opportunities for children to:

  • Understand language
  • Experiment with rhythm, words, tempo and melody
  • Think creatively and holistically
  • Improve attention and focus
  • Improve vocabulary through repetition and enhanced memory
  • Make connections between print and spoken words
  • Enjoy books, words and language
  • Practice motor development and motor coordination while experimenting with various instruments and dancing
  • LISTEN (listening is an important literacy skill)

A board-certified music therapist provides ongoing collaboration and consultation with our team of audiologists and speech therapists to develop new and fun ways to engage children through exploration of musical sounds and instruments.

The Music and Literacy room is also available throughout the week at various times for families wishing to create take-home books or explore musical play together. Please contact 858-966-8100 for times on when the room is available for this purpose.