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In-Hospital Behavioral Consultation and Support Services

In-hospital behavioral consultation and support services help families and hospital staff improve the patient visit experience for children with autism spectrum disorders.  Specialists from the Autism Discovery Institute can help prepare the parents, child and medical staff for the upcoming hospital visit, including gathering important information on child’s preferences and behavioral needs. Pre-visit supports will be put in place to prepare the child and medical staff will be given important strategies on how to best interact with the child with ASD.

Support during patient appointments and in-patient hospital stays can also be provided with advance notice. Our autism specialists will help ensure the family has important information on what to expect during the appointment, assistance with the transition into the hospital facility as well as help facilitating interactions and communication between the child and medical staff during the visit. For longer in-patient hospital stays, autism specialists may also provide consultation with hospital staff regarding behavioral strategies and supports.  For more information, please see our brochure.

Funding: Services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.