Evaluation FAQs

  1. What do your evaluations entail?

    Evaluations are completed by licensed clinical psychologists, and may also include other professionals, such as speech pathologists, physicians, or occupational therapists. Evaluations include a developmental or cognitive assessment, a standardized play based assessment and a parent interview. The results of each evaluation are shared with the family during the visit. Families will also receive a written summary of the results.

  2. Will insurance cover evaluation and services?

    Programs that may be covered through insurance funding include developmental evaluations, medical consultations, speech therapy and occupational therapy, behavioral intervention, and social skills groups. For more information on your insurance coverage, you may contact your insurance provider or contact Alise at 858-966-8100.

  3. What if my insurance doesn’t cover your services at all?

    If you have limited or no insurance coverage, our evaluation services are available through private pay. Please contact us for more information on current rates. There are also other potential other public funding options. For more information, you may contact Bonnie Corbin at 858-966-8100.

  4. What steps are involved in scheduling an evaluation?

    Call our program coordinator at 858-966-8100. A brief ‘intake screening’ will be conducted during which we will gather general developmental and behavioral information about your child. This interview is conducted over the phone and generally takes about fifteen minutes. There is no charge for this interview, and it implies no commitment on your part. Based on this interview, it will be decided if the Autism Discovery Institute is the best place to address your concerns, as well as the most streamlined way of getting the evaluations necessary for your child. Once you have decided that you would like to have your child evaluated at the Autism Discovery Institute, we can schedule the appointments.

  5. Does ADI provide post-evaluation services?

    Yes. There are a number of different services that ADI can provide post-evaluation. Our Autism Program Coordinator is available to assist families in the implementation of the evaluation recommendations as well as locating needed resources. At ADI we are able to provide treatment to individuals designed to target specific skills and behaviors. We offer a variety of social skills groups in addition to speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, parent training and consultation for school programs. Contact us for more information on current services.

  6. Who conducts the evaluations and provides intervention services?

    Our evaluations are conducted by our fully licensed, Ph.D.-level clinical psychologists. Treatment services are conducted by highly trained professionals, specializing in autism spectrum disorders. Services are supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist.