What to Expect

When a family is referred to the Pediatric Heart Failure and Transplant Program, we arrange for an initial evaluation that usually lasts about three hours. Prior to the visit, the clinic coordinator gathers important information from the referring physician and the child’s parents to help determine which tests will be recommended.

While a family may be given preliminary information and perhaps treatment guidelines at the end of this visit, the full diagnostic evaluation is not complete until all the test results have been reviewed and the entire medical team has met to determine treatment recommendations. After this review, the pediatric heart failure cardiologist will discuss results of the evaluation and treatment plan with both the family and the referring physician.

Additionally, since we are involved in research, the child will be offered the chance to participate in any clinical trials that are appropriate. The clinical coordinator and cardiologist will discuss these options with the family. Participation in research is purely voluntary and deciding not to participate in a study does not affect the care a child receives from our team.

All of this is part of our comprehensive program – and world-class care.