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Center for Healthier Communities

About Us

Director: Mary Beth Moran, PT, M.Ed., M.S. 

The Role of Center for Healthier Communities (CHC) is to:

  • Analyze child health issues and key health indicators
  • Integrate Rady Chidren’s care redesign/population health efforts with community initiatives and resources
  • Convene organizations and individuals to collaborate on strategic initiatives
  • Develop, launch and test innovative prevention strategies that address social determinants of health
  • Advocate for related policy and environmental changes
  • Leverage assets from private and public sectors

The Center for Healthier Communities (CHC) works to analyze preventive child health issues and utilize best practice strategies to launch innovative prevention-oriented initiatives. These initiatives address health disparities and integrate Rady Children’s clinical care with community partners and resources to create healthier communities. The diagram below depicts the role of CHC as an integrator.

 CHC Integrator