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Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

For Referring Physicians

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Referrals (Torrey Hills and Murrieta)  

A consultation request to the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic should include BOTH a diagnosis and a reason for the consult. 


  • Children 5 and under may be seen for any of the concerns below. Please be sure that the referral is not meant for the Rady Children’s Developmental Evaluation Clinic (DEC). 
  • Children 5-12 may be seen for the concerns below except for #5 (depression) as noted. 
  • Our Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic does not see new patients > 12 yrs. 

Reason for referral (e.g., referral question) 

1. Suspected diagnosis (particularly those with health plan DEC cannot see) 

2. Medication evaluation and management 

3. Medical workup (etiology, etc) 

4. Guidance for resources, support and intervention services in complex child 

5. Concern for co-existing conditions 

6. Second opinion or medical opinion following developmental/psych eval 


1. Complex multifactorial issues involving both medical and behavioral components 

2. ADHD (hyperactivity, impulsivity, difficulty with focus or distractibility) with great complexity beyond PCPs comfort to dx and treat. Often differential dx with ASD, Anxiety and/or depression, trauma. 

3. Aggression and oppositional behaviors unresponsive to behavioral intervention 

4. Autism spectrum disorders with significant behaviors and need for meds 

5. Anxiety and/or depression in young child (</= 12 yrs) o If the child is very high risk or acutely suicidal – redirect to BHUC or ED 

  • If this is the only concern and the child is NOT acutely suicidal
  • Child over 12 years–refer to Psychiatry 

6. General behavioral concerns affecting preschool/school placement and home relationships that have not responded to behavioral interventions 

7. Developmental delays/concerns with minimal gains in treatment 

8. Infant regulatory disorders (temperament, feeding, sleeping, affect, etc.) affecting attachment and social emotional functioning 

9. Developmental or behavioral problems related to medical conditions (e.g., genetic disorders, prematurity) 

10. Intellectual disability or global developmental delay in child <6 years 

11. Learning, academic, or school problems unresponsive to educational intervention 

12. Prenatal drug and alcohol exposure 


1. Evaluate/treat children with emergency or complex mental health needs. This includes patients with:

  • Acute suicidal thoughts/plans 
  • Bipolar disorder 
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Substance abuse 

2. Evaluate/provide medication management for children taking multiple (more than three) psychotropic medications 

3. Evaluate children for child abuse (but DBPeds sees children who have been subject to child abuse for their developmental or behavioral needs/concerns) 

4. Provide comprehensive psychological testing 

5. Provide ongoing (weekly/monthly) behavioral therapy 

6. Provide ongoing (weekly/monthly) mental health therapy 

These children should be redirected to BHUC/psychiatry/mental health services 

Scheduling and Authorization Information 

Name: Rady Children’s Hospital Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics 

Phone: 858-966-8561

Fax: 858-966-8512

Service Location: 

Torrey Hills
11752 El Camino Real, SD, 92130

Murrieta (Dr. Rhodus)
25170 Hancock Ave, Murrieta, 92562 


Lauren Gist, M.D., M.P.H. (bilingual Spanish) 

Cecilia Rhodus, M.D.

CPT codes: 

Level 5 consultation………….. 99245 

New Patient………………………. 99205 

Behav Assmt w/scoring & Doc’d Standardized instrument…….96127 x3 

Developmental Screening….. 96110 

Developmental testing……… 96112, 96113 x3 

Several follow-up visits……….99215, 99214 

Prolonged service with direct patient contact.………..G2212, 99417