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Center for Gender-Affirming Care

Gender-affirming Surgery Resources

1. Pec Major stretch: This is a stretch that will help lengthen the muscle along the front of your chest and shoulders.

2. Pec Minor Massage: This activity will release the pec minor muscle and may provide some pain relief.

3. Latissimus Dorsi stretch: This stretch is for a muscle that is commonly right along your back and shoulder. This stretch will also provide some rib expansion.

4. Foam roll air angels: This stretch is great for improving posture and targets the pectoral muscles and shoulder muscles over the chest.

5. Step Through Thoracic Rotation: This is a range of motion exercise to reduce upper back stiffness and pain.

6. Thoracic extension: for this exercise you can use a foam roll or pillow to improve range of motion, posture, and reduce muscle tightness in the chest and upper back region.

7. Deep Breathing Lying Supine: This is a breathing exercise that works on using your diaphragm and for expanding the rib cage. It also works well as a relaxation/stress relief technique.

8. Flys: I’s, Y’s, T’s: This is a strengthening activity that works on the back shoulder muscles. Strengthening these muscles helps to improve posture and reduce risk of posture-related shoulder and neck injuries.

9. Rows: This exercise strengthens the muscles that support your shoulder and corrects posture that leads to tight muscles in the chest. Rows can be done without weight or with progressively adding weight.

10. Plank with Cervical retraction: This exercise strengthens your core and the muscles that support your shoulders while also strengthening the muscles that help correct neck posture.