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Rady Children's Specialists

Infectious Diseases

Academic Tracks

Infectious disease physicians today require multiple skill sets. Our program seeks to train fellows to become exceptional physicians and academic leaders. From day one, we tailor the fellowship to meet the long term career goal of the fellows and convene a mentoring team that follows the fellow’s progress over the course of the fellowship.

Global Health Track

  • Think Globally, Act Locally
    • Local global health experience (2-week elective)
  • Monthly Free Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico
    • IHC: longitudinal experience
  • International Morning Report (monthly)
  • Local Clinical Experiences:
    • Pediatric Infectious Disease service at Pediatric Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico
    • ID Travel Clinic (Balboa)
    • HIV Clinic (UC San Diego)
    • TB Clinic (Public Health)
    • Public Health (SD)
    • Indian Health Services (Community)
    • Refugee Intake Clinic (Catholic Charities)
    • Adult Infectious Disease Experiences (UC San Diego)
  • International sites (1-month elective):
    • Guadalajara, Mexico
    • Saipan
    • Egypt
    • Other sites (Mercy US Hospital Ship, Uganda, China, etc.)
    • UC San Diego Adult Infectious Disease (Mozambique)
  • Canopy Medical Spanish
    • Program will reimburse upon completion of course
  • Online Resources:
    • GORGAS Cases
    • California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)
    • Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMED)
    • Emerging Infections Network (EIN)
  • Potential to partner with UC San Diego MPH program



Infection Control/AMS Track

  • Time on Infection Control Service
  • Time with Antimicrobial Stewardship Service
  • Experiences at UC San Diego
  • Sit on Rady Children’s Committees
  • Additional Coursework:
    • SHEA/CDC Training Certificate Course in Healthcare Epidemiology
    • SHEA/CDC Antibiotic Stewardship Training Course
    • Program will reimburse upon completion of course

Medical Education Track

  • Opportunities for fellows interested in MedEd
  • Teaching service
    • Resident, MS4, pharmacy students/residents
  • Faculty with MedEd leadership roles
  • Medical education elective
    • 2 weeks, mirroring resident elective
  • Case Conference
  • Provide curriculum on how to teach
  • Can direct to other educational experiences
  • Educational Opportunities:
    • Noon Conference (present annually)
    • Professor’s Rounds (serve as subspecialty expert)
    • Resident Block Education Program (ID session)
    • UC San Diego SOM Educational Activities (varies, d/w Cannavino if interested)
    • UC San Diego Adult ID Educational Conference/Lecture Series (Optional)
  • Potential to partner for Masters in Medical Education

Clinical and Lab Research Track

  • Identification of research mentor prior to or during first 3 months of fellowship
  • Research timeline
  • Research mentorship
  • Available research courses
  • Research meetings

Research Track

  • Research “curriculum”:
    • Inventory of local recurrent research meetings:
      • UC San Diego & other local lab meetings
      • Pediatric Clinical Fellows Research Seminar Series*
      • Pediatric Grand Rounds
      • Pediatric Clinical Research Seminar Series
      • Pediatric Fellows and Trainees Research Short Talk Series
      • Pediatric Stats/Epi Methods Seminar Series
    • Inventory of national research meetings:
      • Annual UC San Diego Department of Pediatrics Research Symposium
      • Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Annual Meeting
      • Association of Medical School Pediatric Department Chairs (AMSPDC) Annual Meeting
      • AAP-ASCI-APSA Joint meeting (Association of American Physicians, American Society for Clinical Investigation, American Physician Scientists Association)
    • Additional coursework:
      • UC San Diego CTRI-CREST
      • Other UC San Diego courses
      • Potential to partner with UC San Diego MAS program

Research Track – Timeline

  •  First Year:
    • 5 blocks of research time
    • Goals
      • Identify Scholarship Oversight Committee
      • Identify research mentor and lab
      • Develop Fellow project
      • Submit to IRB
      • Encouraged to do 1-2 case reports
  • Second Year:
    • 9 blocks of research time
    • Goals:
      • Collect data
      • Encouraged to do 1-2 case reports
      • Present at Pediatric Clinical Fellows Research Seminar Series
  • Third Year:
    • 9 blocks of research time
    • Goals:
      • Finish data collection
      • Complete write-up
      • Submit for publication
      • Defend project to SOC in Spring of 3rd year
      • Submit  to ABP
      • Encouraged to do 1-2 case reports
      • Present at Pediatric Clinical Fellows Research Seminar Series
      • Present at annual UC San Diego Department of Pediatrics Research Symposium

Research Track – Mentorship

  • Research mentorship
    • Program Leadership
    • Scholarship Oversight Committee
  • Checklist of progress
    • Mirror Ph.D. student pipeline
  • Monthly meetings with research mentor
  • Lab meetings