Motion Analysis Laboratory

The Motion Analysis Laboratory at Rady Children’s has been a pioneer in the field of motion (gait) analysis and is one of the largest such facilities for clinical studies and research. The Motion Analysis Laboratory has been in existence since 1974 and at its present site since 1997. This newly renovated 5,500-square-foot facility has the capability to conduct three different patient/research studies concurrently.

The Laboratory’s state-of-the-art equipment is designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of motion measurement. The equipment includes: an 8-camera Motion Analysis Corporation movement measurement system, three AMTI force plates, an 8-channel BioSensory telemetry electromyographic system, a 16-channel Konigsberg telemetry electromyographic system, a 3-camera Sony color video system, a Kistler Gaitway instrumented treadmill, a Tekscan foot pressure measurement system, and a COSMED oxygen consumption measurement system.

The Laboratory also houses two patient exam rooms; a conference room with the latest multimedia presentation equipment; a library; a video editing room; an electronic workshop; and offices for orthopedic surgeons, a biomechanical engineer, physical therapists and various technical and administrative support staff.

The Lab staff conducts clinical motion analysis studies with children and adults for the many problems that can interfere with normal locomotion. Examples of diagnoses of patients frequently referred to the Lab include: Cerebral palsy,congenital abnormalities, head injuries, neuromuscular disorders, peripheral nerve injuries, central nervous system tumors (brain and spinal cord), residual effects of trauma to limbs or spine, Muscular Dystrophy, Poliomyelitis,lower extremity limb deficiencies, including amputations, and functional problems of the upper extremity. The Laboratory also serves as a resource for the evaluation of orthoses and footwear.

Research is conducted in the Lab with many issues related to cerebral palsy, as well as pediatric spine, hip and foot deformities.

The majority of patients referred to the Motion Analysis Laboratory are from Southern California. However, patients are also referred from throughout the United States, as well as Mexico, Canada, Europe and South America.

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