Rady Children's Specialists

Orthopedics & Scoliosis

Orthopedic Urgent Clinic

Rady Children’s Medical Office Building, 3rd Floor (Map it)
3030 Children’s Way
San Diego, CA, 92123
Hours: Monday-Friday, 1:30-9 p.m.

For patients with NEW, acute orthopedic injuries that need to be seen urgently. 

Services include radiology and casting.

Conditions Treated

Acute musculoskeletal injuries, including:

Patients are treated on a first-come, first-served basis and no appointment is needed. For non-urgent issues, please call 858-966-6789 to schedule an appointment.

Patients requiring emergent care, including those with open fractures, spine injuries, rib fractures, skull fractures, non-weight bearing injury/symptoms with no known cause, and suspected non-accidental traumas, as well as possible concussions and lacerations, should be referred to the Emergency Department.

Non-urgent orthopedic conditions or patients that prefer to schedule an appointment should be referred to one of our orthopedic clinics.


All of our physician assistants and nurse practitioners are trained to treat common orthopedic injuries, including fractures.

Abare, Casey 2016-5 resizedCasey (Kathryn) Abare, M.S.N., C.P.N.P.
Casey joined our team in 2015 after working in general pediatric orthopedics in Atlanta for four years. A board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner, she works closely with Dr. Yaszay, specializing in spine conditions. Casey earned her Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Richmond in 2005 and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing  from Emory University in 2010. In her free time, she enjoys exploring San Diego and the West Coast.


Amanda_MurphyAmanda Asaro, M.P.A.S., P.A.-C
Amanda joined our team in 2006. She earned both a Bachelor of Health Science degree and a Master of Physician Assistant Studies from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She then completed a post-graduate fellowship through the Illinois Bone and Join Institute in Chicago, where she had a year of specialty training in orthopedics at a level 1 trauma center. After completing the fellowship, she accepted a position at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, where she was part of the pediatric upper extremity team. At our Center, Amanda is also a part of the upper extremity team, working closely with Dr. C. Douglas Wallace. She also works in the Clubfoot Clinic. Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and running half marathons.


Linh_DarnellLinh Darnell, P.A.-C
Linh joined our team in 2001. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University in 1995 and earned another bachelor’s degree from Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in 1997. Later that year, she became a board-certified physician assistant.  After practicing in family medicine/women’s health, Linh pursued her passion of orthopedics and accepted a position with Scripps Clinic’s Department of Orthopedics. She then joined our team as the division’s first physician assistant, and in 2008, was appointed manager of all mid-level providers. She also provides clinical care, specializing in upper extremity, trauma and spine abnormalities.


Team - ImageAllison Dickinson, P.A.-C
Allison joined our team in 2003. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science degree and earned her Master of Health Sciences degree from the University of South Alabama in 2003. She is a board-certified physician assistant and works closely with Dr. Henry Chambers, specializing in both sports medicine and cerebral palsy. Allison has been an athlete and coach at both the youth and intercollegiate levels. She also maintains a special interest in facilitating an active lifestyle for people with cerebral palsy.



Team - ImageLynn Manheim, M.S.N., C.P.N..P
Lynn joined our team in 2002. She graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in nursing and earned her Master of Science in Nursing and pediatric nurse practitioner degree from the University of San Diego. Lynn is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner and works closely with Dr. Eric Edmonds, specializing in pediatric and adolescent sports medicine. She has special expertise in fracture care and also conducts her own independent sports injury clinics.


Erynn Meier PA-C 2015-10 resizedErynn Meier, P.A.-C
Erynn joined our team in 2015. She graduated cum laude from Northern Arizona University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences and earned a Masters of Health Sciences degree and physician assistant certificate from Duke University in 2015. While at Duke, she trained with several pediatric orthopedic surgeons and fell in love with the field. Erynn discovered her passion for working with and caring for children while working as a behavioral interventionist with children with autism. When not working, she enjoys exploring, traveling and doing anything outdoors.


Chrissy_PaikChrissy Paik, B.S., M.P.A.P., P.A.-C.
Chrissy joined our team in 2011. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree and from the USC Physician Assistant Program in 2011. After becoming a certified physician assistant, Chrissy returned to her home town of San Diego and worked at a physical therapy clinic, where she honed her medical skills, particularly in sports rehabilitation. Chrissy now works as part of our hip team, treating patients with conditions including developmental hip dysplasia, femoroacetabular impingement, spastic hip subluxation, slipped capital femoral epiphysis and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. She also works in clinics treating fractures and sports injuries. Chrissy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing beach volleyball and competing in sprint triathlons.

Sunny_ParkSunny Park, C.P.N.P.
Sunny joined our team in January 2011. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Johns Hopkins University, followed by a Master of Science in Nursing in 2006. Following graduation, Sunny joined the Pediatric Orthopedics Division of Johns Hopkins, where she gained experience in treating sports injuries, scoliosis and hip conditions. Sunny is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner who works closely with Dr. Dennis Wenger. She also has a special interest in sports injuries. Sunny enjoys playing sports, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and exploring San Diego.

Ortho Emily Petty resizedEmily Petty, P.A.-C
Emily joined our team for the second time in 2014. She originally joined the group in 2009, having two years of experience working in pediatric orthopedics. Emily received her Bachelor of Science degree in exercise and sport sciences from the University of Florida in 2002 and her Master of Medical Science in physician assistant studies from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. She has a passion for working with children of all ages. In her free time, Emily enjoys spending time with her family, exercising and spending time outdoors.



Raquel_SanchezRaquel Sanchez, B.S., P.A.-C
Raquel joined our team in 2002. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of California, Irvine in 1993. In 1997, she graduated from the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science Physician Assistant Program in Los Angeles and became a board-certified physician assistant. Since joining our team, Raquel has worked mainly with Dr. Maya Pring, who specializes in hip disorders, cerebral palsy, spinal defects, limb deformities, sports and trauma. She also works closely with Dr. Henry Chambers, who specializes in sports medicine and cerebral palsy. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, photography, travel, sports and going on medical missions.

Mary_Lou_ScottMaryLou Scott, M.S.N., C.P.N.P.
MaryLou joined our team in 1998 as the division’s first nurse practitioner. She has been instrumental in advancing the role of the mid-level provider in our busy practice. MaryLou earned a bachelor’s in nursing from Arizona State University, followed by a master’s in nursing, and a pediatric nurse practitioner degree, from the University of San Diego. At our Center, she specializes in pediatric spine and hip disorders. She also runs her own independent back pain clinic, acute fracture care clinic and ingrown toenail clinic. Along with being a nurse practitioner, MaryLou is a commander in the U.S. Naval Reserves and is currently stationed at North Island. She is actively involved in orthopedic research and won best presentation at the 2010 Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S.  for our team’s research on the use of midlevel providers for partial toenail ablations for ingrown toenails outcomes of care.

Team - ImagePhilip Stearns, M.S.N., C.P.N.P.
Phil joined our team in August of 2000. He graduated from Iona College with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He received his Master of Science in Nursing from Yale School of Nursing in May of 2000. Phil is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner and works closely with Dr. Andrew Pennock, specializing in pediatric fracture care. Phil also has a special interest in pediatric hip and foot disorders.