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Computed Tomography (CT)

64-Slice LightSpeed CT Scanner

CT Scan

The 64-Slice LightSpeed CT Scanner can scan the entire body in less than five seconds.

If you’ve ever tried to keep a child completely still — especially if he’s sick or scared — you can imagine the challenges faced by the Radiology Department. Now, some of those challenges are gone forever, replaced by equipment that is not only fast, but amazing in its diagnostic capabilities.

The General Electric 64-Slice LightSpeed CT Scanner is unbelievably fast, taking 64 “slices,” or pictures, every 1/3 of a second — and can complete an entire body scan in less than five seconds, a process that used to take five minutes. This reduces, and sometimes eliminates, the need for sedation for most patients and dramatically reduces radiation exposure.

In the case of heart exams, the new machine can often eliminate the need for invasive catheterizations through the arteries and into the heart chambers. Instead, physicians get a comprehensive tour, literally in a heartbeat.

And speed is only the beginning. The images can be reformatted almost instantly into 3-D pictures, which means a neurosurgeon can travel around the vessels of a baby’s tiny brain without surgery. Orthopedists can examine bones to see if limbs are healing. Trauma physicians can get a complete look to check for injuries.


As incredible as the equipment is, so is the generosity of the Auxilians who helped fund its purchase. One-third of its $1.6 million purchase price was raised by these hard-working and dedicated volunteers.